How to Transform Your Content by Vlogging Like a Boss

Amy Schmittauer, Author and Video Marketing Consultant at Vlog Boss Studios, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how video is making content more relevant, shareable, and engaging on all platforms.

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Blending In to the Content Party

Vlogging is rapidly becoming the hip new thing for content marketers. The proliferation of cell phones with high-quality cameras has made it easier than ever for brands to jump on this latest trend.

But there is a lot to unpack in this trend, and a content marketer might be asking themselves how to get started or even what platform to focus on. Amy’s decade of experience with successful vlogging has taught her a few things.

Anybody (literally) can become a star vlogger on camera. It’s not about being born to be on camera. It’s about practice. The more you’re on camera, the easier it gets, but you cannot get there without jumping in and getting started.

Understanding the party dynamics to each social platform is key to making the right video for the right audience. The Facebook environment is not the same as YouTube which is not the same as Snapchat. Each platform has its own vibe, and your video content should reflect as much.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Amy’s vlogging expertise. With her guidance, any content marketer can become a vlogging star.

In This Episode

  • Why vlogging doesn’t mean keeping content to one social platform
  • How understanding the party of the platform leads to achieving shareability
  • Why B2C vlogging means jumping in feet first with your phone
  • Why optimizing your vlogging means knowing where the platform lies along the funnel
  • How letting go of creative control leads to successful influencer placement and marketing


Quotes From This Episode

“Anything that you can do in the written form of a blog you can do for a vlog. It’s just video.” —@Schmittastic

“In marketing, we can’t just keep getting on our soapboxes and telling it like it is.” —@Schmittastic

“Looking at someone’s day and actually seeing something that you can learn from is a really powerful one.” —@Schmittastic

“There’s a lot of different ways that you can vlog, but it doesn’t have to be a lifecasting category.” —@Schmittastic

What’s the promise I’m going to make? That’s going to start to shape this idea of what you’re content is going to be.” —@Schmittastic

“When the name of the game is shareability, you have to understand the context of every individual platform.” —@Schmittastic

“If we’re talking about mass market then we have to look to where the masses are.” —@Schmittastic

“The easiest way to get started is by having the people in your organization leverage the tools and expertise they already have.” —@Schmittastic

“Each of these places on the internet is somewhere on your funnel.” —@Schmittastic

“If you put all your eggs in one social basket and don’t build your own thing, you’re not going to do well.” —@Schmittastic



Content Pros Lightning Round

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