How to Use Social to Attract Great Employees

Carmen Collins, professional social media enthusiast for Cisco, shares her successful approach to utilizing social media as a tool for high-level recruitment and employee retention.

In This Episode:

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Carmen Collins - InstagramRecruiting and Retaining

Carmen Collins, writer and former country music artist, has been working in the social media arena since the heyday of AOL… long before social even had a name. Through her years of experience, she has discovered a secret ingredient to successful recruitment and long-term employee retainment: social media that embraces current employees and comfortably engages with potential candidates.

By utilizing a number of channels to push campaigns for #CiscoLife and #WeAreCisco, Carmen has shifted the strategy of talent acquisition to be less job posting, and more interacting and engaging. Maintaining an above-average engagement of 6–8% on Instagram is only one example of the successes she outlines in this week’s podcast.

In This Episode

  • How social can lead to more successful employee recruitment and retention
  • Why personal social content can mean accidental false advertising
  • The importance of training recruiters on using social tools properly
  • How to measure the success of a social recruitment strategy


Quotes From This Episode

“I know that LinkedIn is probably not one of the sexiest channels, but it’s really where recruiters and job seekers spend a lot of time.” —@CShirkeyCollins

“Everyone needs to recognize when they are in that kind of job opportunity seeking chapter that everything is recorded and everything is on and they need to be cognizant of all the content they’re creating.” —@adamcb

“Just be yourself in a professional way and that’s what gets our recruiters to notice.” —@CShirkeyCollins

“It’s not B2C, it’s not B2B, it’s human-to-human. It’s business-to-people.” —@CShirkeyCollins

“You’ve got to have that little Jiminy Cricket in your head that gives you the creativity and the right way of doing things.” —@CShirkeyCollins



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