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Is This the Best Business on Instagram?

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Apple Podcast Reviews:

The Social Pros podcast has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!

@Arlie K

This is absolutely an awesome listen for anyone in communications or social media!!


This podcast has become one of my staple weekly podcasts for learning about marketing! Love the conversations that they have and it's always enjoyable and educational!


Love the podcast - informative, in depth and spot on for any business size.


Griffin Thall, CEO and Co-Founder of Pura Vida Bracelets, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how he has created the most engaged jewelry brand on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing is On The Rise   Griffin Thall - Is This the Best Business on Instagram?

We hear a lot about influencer marketing on social media, and particularly on Instagram, where many brands have embraced influencer marketing to help sell their products and services, and build an engaged following. 
According to Edison Research’s 2019 Infinite Dial Report, Instagram (unlike Facebook) continues on an upward trajectory when it comes to the number of users on the platform. As such, influencer marketing is also on the rise and gained a lot of attention. But, how do you choose the right influencers? How do you work with influencers? How do incorporate influencer marketing with your overall marketing strategy?   
Pura Vida are a shining example how to do this right. They are a brand that have succeeded through the power of social media. Griffin Thall, CEO and Co-Founder of Pura Vida Bracelets, shares how he has created the most engaged jewelry brand on Instagram through very thoughtful and well-managed mix of user-generated content and influencer content. 

In This Episode: 

  • 05:32 The incredible story of Pura Vida Bracelets from humble beginnings in Costa Rica to millions of bracelets shipped monthly, working with 600+ artisans worldwide 
  • 10:44 – The ways that social media has propelled Pura Vida to where they are today 
  • 13:34 – How Pura Vida create content for Instagram by working with user-generated content (UGC content) and influencers 
  • 16:57 – Experimenting on Instagram to find out what’s right for your brand 
  • 21:11 – How to work with influencers in the most effective way 
  • 26:11 – The importance of working with brand representatives/ambassadors and the differences between online and in-person word-of-mouth marketing  
  • 29:48 – The power of reviews and social-proof 

Quotes From This Episode: 

“We truly become friends with influencers, we don’t just look at their following and continually ask them to post…that won’t get you anywhere” @griffinthall
We want to be active, authentic, organic and creative...our bootstrap approach along with us continuing to be innovative has allowed us to grow more than most brands have. Share on X
There are people on Instagram that are so creative, and so skilled at what they do, and if you can find people that you think are the perfect ambassador for your brand, then shoot them an email or send a DM”  @griffinthall 



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