LinkedIn Tricks for Social Media Professionals

LinkedIn Tricks for Social Media Professionals

Viveka von Rosen, CEO of Linked Into Business, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the LinkedIn Publisher Platform, optimizing company pages, and future changes at LinkedIn.

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Viveka von Rosen is known internationally as the LinkedIn Expert. She has written the book on it and consults with businesses to optimize lead generation from LinkedIn. Today she shares her knowledge and expertise (free of charge!) on the Social Pros Podcast.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

The first thing to remember is that LinkedIn is great for SEO, so remember that whatever you put on LinkedIn is searchable, both for individuals and companies. Spend the time and resources necessary to make sure that your LinkedIn page is showcasing your brand, not hurting it. For businesses, that means implementing a few of these pieces of advice:

  • HAVE a company LinkedIn page, to start. If you don’t, you are behind.
  • Focus on the WIIFTR (What’s In It For The Reader) when posting content on LinkedIn (as anywhere in social media). Make sure you’re disseminating content that your audience is actually interested in.
  • Have a structure in place for updating your LinkedIn company page.
  • Market your company page to more than your own LinkedIn audience, through groups, employees, and influential connections on LinkedIn.

Publish Content on LinkedIn

Second, do use LinkedIn to publish content. It doesn’t have to be completely new content, you can repurpose content from your website, but you will find that your content will be accessed by a different audience on LinkedIn than the audience for your website. LinkedIn also gives the opportunity to exponentially increase your reach when your content gets into the Pulse news channels. According to LinkedIn, there are real editors looking at posts to choose which get Pulsed; it’s not just an algorithm.

Viveka recommends publishing both on your website and via LinkedIn, “Because LinkedIn disseminates information so much more efficiently. Especially in the B2B market.”

To maximize your content’s exposure on LinkedIn, Viveka recommends the following:

  • Don’t write about LinkedIn on LinkedIn
  • Look at the channel(s) where your article would fit most and see if there are common keywords or search terms in both the titles and the content. Make sure your published post includes those.
  • Ask influential connections on LinkedIn to share posts that are relevant to their audiences. The more views, shares, and likes, the more likely it is to get Pulsed.

The extra effort is worth it. Viveka notes, “There’s effort around it for sure. It’s not a plug and play. And I’ll say my friends and colleagues that have gotten those exponential million plus views on Pulse have gotten an immense amount of business out of it as well.”

See you next week!

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