Proof That Focusing on Your Product Can Work in Social Media

Melody Martin, Social Community Coordinator for David Weekley Homes, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how keeping social simple creates sales for a high quality product.

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melody-martin-instagramLess Is More

When you have a high-quality, expensive product to sell, there is a temptation to over-communicate with prospects and customers. It’s a large investment, and you may be under the impression that the audience wants to know as much as possible before making their move down the funnel.

Oddly enough, you might be wrong. Melody’s experience in social media marketing for David Weekley’s high-quality homes leads her to believe that the best way to engage your audience is as simple as “A or B.” Presenting them with two eye-catching photos and a straightforward choice gets the conversation rolling and opens up the funnel for potential homeowners.

She also knows that, contrary to popular belief, sometimes focusing solely on the product is better than trying to give behind-the-scenes glimpses of the life of the brand. Frankly, sometimes your customers just don’t care. Looking at the numbers is the only way to know for sure if those shots of staff at work are peaking their interest or putting them to sleep.

The important thing is to ignore the fads and focus on what works for your customer base.

In This Episode

  • Why selling a home now means maintaining an Instagram account
  • Why customer’s busy lives means less is more on social
  • How simple, product-heavy photos leads to better engagement from your audience
  • Why being an introvert or extrovert doesn’t mean much when it comes to being a social pro


Quotes From This Episode

We wanted to humanize our brand and provide an outlet for people who don’t want to or can’t access our normal means of communication.” —@HoustonMelody

“The primary reason we maintain a social media presence is to be available for customer care issues.” —@HoustonMelody

We look at the numbers to determine the content we put out there.” —@HoustonMelody

“The thing with Facebook is that it’s a lot of trying and tweaking and trying and tweaking.” —@HoustonMelody

We try to make our organic content universal. When we are trying to reach particular groups of people, that’s where advertising comes in.” —@HoustonMelody

“Any person that is managing social on behalf of a brand has to have empathy. That trumps introversion or extroversion.” —HoustonMelody



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