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Social Pros Podcast with Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his new book UnSelling: The New Customer Experience, the social media incident that made Delta his favorite airline, and how un-siloing businesses is the key to lifelong customers.

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Turning Tables

“Unselling is not about not selling.” That’s a lot of negatives in one sentence. But Scott’s “unselling” concept is about looking at the lead-up to the sale rather than the sale itself, thereby creating clients for life. Scott Stratten‘s new book, co-written with Alison Kramer, is called UnSelling: The New Customer Experience.

Brands don’t need to individually high-five every single customer after every purchase. But when someone puts up their hand to say, “I loved it,” or “I hated it,” then brands need to take ownership of that and respond. And immediacy is a key factor in these times of social media.

The example Scott gives in the book is a story that happened to him.

UnSelling by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer

via Scott Stratten Twitter

In line at JFK International Airport, a Delta agent essentially told Scott off. He tweeted it because he was angry and, in his words, he’s “a self-entitled social media diva.”

Delta replied just a few minutes later saying that was terrible and how sorry they were. “I didn’t want a voucher, I didn’t want a coupon, I didn’t even want an extra bag of pretzels. All I wanted them to say was, ‘You know what? That was wrong, and we’re sorry.’ Which is what most people want. ”

Delta is now Scott’s preferred airline.

No More Silos

The corporate structure has departments in silos: HR, marketing, sales, customer service, retail, and operations. But the consumer only sees one brand. “It doesn’t matter what department you’re in,” Scott says. “You’re the company”

When a customer reaches out for help on Twitter, sometimes the brand will respond something to the effect of, “This is a customer service issue. You need to fill out this form and email it to this email address.” That’s not customer service, and it’s no way to retain customers or get them to come back and spend their money again.

“The worst thing you can do for customers is say, ‘You’re lined up in the wrong line.'” Un-silo your departments from the top down to prove you’re committed to giving your customers the best experience possible.

Holy Social!

FX Now and The Simpsons are taking social engagement to the next level. Back in August, the #EverySimpsonsEver marathon recaptured the hearts and minds of Simpsons fans of every generation.

Now, the FX Now app is allowing people to share moments of Simpsons episodes going back decades and generally encouraging people to create content surrounding their love of the Simpsons.

This is a prime example of taking assets (in this case, all of the Simpsons episodes that have accumulated over the years) and making them “snackable” so people can share them. The Simpsons has all this content, and even though some of it is decades old, it still has die-hard fans. A great way to make this content relevant again is to make it so instantly shareable.

Social Media Number of the Week: 73 versus 38

Forbes Insights and Sitecore released a new study called “Customers for Life: Technology Strategies for Attracting and Keeping Customers.” It’s full of great statistics and insights, but the numbers that grabbed Jeff’s attention were the fact that 73% of respondents indicated that their CEO was involved in developing a strategic approach to retaining customers for life, but only 38% indicated the same about their CMO.

“How can you have a customer-for-life strategy if you do not have your senior marketing person in the room?” Jeff asks.

This seems to come from a dangerous misconception that once somebody is a customer, marketing goes away, and has no role to play in loyalty or customer retention. Jeff points out that “marketing has got the sensitivity, combined with customer service assistance, to understand that we have to both serve and sell.”

See you next week!

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