The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR

David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Sales Strategist for Freshspot Marketing, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the latest edition of his bestselling book, “The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR,” newsjacking, and the unification of sales and PR/marketing.

In This Episode:

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David Meerman Scott - InstagramIt’s All About Now, Now, Now

Who would have thought getting fired from a major real-time information company would lead to a hugely successful career in marketing?

An internationally acclaimed strategist, David Meerman Scott is the author or co-author of ten books, three of which are international bestsellers and one that is currently being made into a major motion picture. He currently travels the world acting as an adviser to emerging transformative companies and speaking at conferences, expos, meetings, and just about anywhere with a podium.

David’s marketing insights helped transform one of his books into a staple of the marketing canon. Translated into 26 languages, adopted by hundreds of universities and business schools worldwide, and with over 350,000 copies sold so far, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” is now in its 5th edition. David shares some of the largest updates to this legendary book including current social media trends, the convergence of marketing/PR and sales, and the dangers of influencer marketing.

In This Episode

  • How unguarded, collaborative networking with peers in your industry can lead to success for your own business
  • Why the shift in PR and marketing timelines means an opportunity to cut out the media middleman and reach your audience directly
  • How over-zealous influencer marketing can actually alienate your audience
  • Why authentic employee advocacy is an important part of any company’s social media plan
  • How newsjacking can lead to more sales and a growing business


Quotes From This Episode

“More and more marketing and public relations is really becoming a convergence with sales.” —@dmscott

“It’s about instant, right now, this second, and that’s a huge, huge, huge change.” —@dmscott

“What’s more important is to make sure that you’re managing the buying process and managing the journey that each buyer goes through.” —@dmscott

“You don’t have to exclusively go through the media to get your information out there.” —@dmscott

“If your employees aren’t your biggest advocates, you’ve got a problem that’s much larger than social media.” —@jaybaer

“Something that’s got an educational or informational or even entertainment value to it… can be interesting.” —@dmscott



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