The Stunning Relationship Between Social Media and ADHD

Grant Crowell, Social Media Marketing Manager at Lulu, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his experience with ADHD and how he has translated that to success in social marketing through social thinking.

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Harnessing the Power of Your Difference

ADHD can be perceived as a crippling hindrance to somebody’s professional and personal success. Harnessing the fast-thinking, subject-hopping, overly-energetic psyche can be a complicated process with many steps. Through a lot of hard work and trial-and-error, Grant has successfully navigated his ADHD diagnosis and emerged with stunning insight into the benefits of ADHD on social media marketing.

Those with the ADHD diagnosis tend to be more empathetic which comes in handy with the rise of social video. Understanding and appreciating the emotional impact of a post makes it easier to replicate with your own content.

Another area where ADHD can be a pro instead of a con is a literal lifetime of experience managing a short attention span. Social media marketing frequently bemoans the decreasing attention span of customers because it makes it harder to capture their focus and move them along the funnel. A marketer that eats, breathes, sleeps, and lives the short-attention span experience is better qualified than most to embrace that modern marketing challenge.

In This Episode

  • Why optimizing your social presence means embracing the visceral impact of video
  • How concise and impactful show notes for videos leads to regular and interested subscribers
  • Why the rise of short attention spans means a focus on storytelling
  • How a slow start that involves more listening than action leads to a solid social strategy
  • Why finding success in modern social marketing means focusing on the power of social thinking


Quotes From This Episode

“Video is such a gift when it comes to social because it is visceral and it captures us emotionally much more than providing information in a text article.” —@grantcrowell

“Slideshare is one of the most underutilized of all content platforms.” —@jaybaer

“The big mistake people make is too much information.” —@grantcrowell

One thought, one slide.” —@grantcrowell

“Social works a lot better when you have a real understanding of big picture business acumen.” —@grantcrowell

“In this day and age, where everybody can get access to information but trust is really hurting, social thinking is the ability to step back, pause, and know how to approach things in context.” —@grantcrowell

“We don’t get the same cues online that we might get face-to-face.” —@grantcrowell

“Social seems to reward impulsivity, and it plays to ADHD behaviors.” —@grantcrowell

“The context is your job.” —@grantcrowell

“Without understanding your difference, it can be a disability.” —@grantcrowell



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