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This College Basketball Student Section Is Hilarious (or Annoying)

Authors: 10XMarketing Jay Baer
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On this episode of The Talk Triggers Show, I share a story about how a university increased attendance at their college basketball games by 230%.

It’s no secret that the crowds at a college basketball game don’t hold a candle against the swarm of fans that pack out NBA stadiums across the states.
In fact, the average attendance for a college basketball game is just 4,686 people. And honestly, you can only expect those numbers on a really good day.
On this episode of The Talk Triggers Show, I share a story about a university that once struggled to fill 942 seats in the student section, when giving out tickets for free, and how they increased attendance by 230%. All thanks to a talk trigger that creates a ton of conversation.
If you want to find out how a mediocre basketball team attracts thousands of spectators, despite being in a hyper-competitive sports market, check out episode 10 of The Talk Triggers Show!

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