Why Content Distribution Matters More Than Curation

David Fortino, Senior VP of Audience and Product at the NetLine Corporation, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share his approach to achieving lead gen success with content distribution and personalization.

In This Episode:

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david-fortino-instagramIf You Build It, They Won’t Come

In the noisy world of digital marketing, it’s important to have content that is interesting, relevant, and digestible. Many content marketers focus on the quality of their content and rest easy knowing that their audience will find, appreciate, and consume these high-quality posts.

However, David knows the hard truth of the matter which is the fact that your customers will not find your content. It’s up to you, and you alone, to get it in front of them. Content distribution is no longer an afterthought. It is just as important as content curation.

Without a solid plan to disseminate your material to a targeted audience, that excellently written, perfectly tagged, fascinatingly relevant post will go nowhere fast.

His experience on expertly personalizing content and pushing it above the cluttered landscape has provided him with a unique perspective on reframing content marketing for success. David’s approach to content curation, dissemination, and personalization will help any content marketer get their material in front of the audience that matters.

In This Episode

  • Why the quality of lead gen no longer means acquiring appropriate contact information
  • How aiming for personalization leads to gathering data that drives content that converts
  • Why taking your content to the next level of personalization means moving beyond personas
  • How relevant content shaped by data and client insights leads to positioning your brand ahead of the competition


Quotes From This Episode

“Historically quality was simply about getting the appropriate contact at a company. Now it’s about intent and engagement and also still meeting all the filter requirements of a campaign.” —@David_Fortino

“Although the definition of a persona is helpful in driving scope and strategic execution, at some point you need to know who those people are and their real-world tendencies in order to extract data.” —@David_Fortino

“Personalization is front and center to everything we do.” —@David_Fortino

“We try our best to leverage all of the nuanced values and data points that we have accessible to us.” —@David_Fortino

All of this is meaningless if we can’t back into ROI that supports everything we do.” —@David_Fortino

“There’s users who are actively in your marketplace who have the values and attributes that you’re looking to reach yet you are not writing content that specifically speaks to their needs.” —@David_Fortino

“Our qualification criterion is data.” —@David_Fortino

“Maybe they wrote amazing content but somewhere along the way when it came to targeting or promotional strategies it wasn’t in line with what the content was designed to do.” —@David_Fortino

“Don’t underestimate the value of a great cover graphic and pay attention to short and concise messaging.” —@David_Fortino

“We’re using the power of what we know in the space and our own personal network to drive leads.” —@David_Fortino



Lightning Round

Favorite social network for content consumption: Instagram

Best social channel for CPL: LinkedIn

Worst social channel for CPL: Facebook

Preferred format of content for curation: Blog post

Who’s creating more engaging content, Trump or Clinton?: Trump

Favorite part of the funnel: Top

Preferred key metric for managing, MQL or SAL: SAL

Cheering for in MLB Playoffs?: Toronto

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