Why Friends at Work Make You a Better Person

Why Friends at Work Make You a Better Person

Shasta Nelson, Friendship Expert, Speaker & Author, talks about the importance of cultivating meaningful friendships with our co-workers and how our relationships impact our health, happiness, longevity, and personal growth.

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Cultivate Workplace FriendshipsWhy Friends at Work Makes You a Better Person

Did you know that 70% of our happiness comes down to our relationships? Yet, we often focus more on the remaining 30% and neglect to give the other 70% the attention and effort it really deserves.

If you want to be an overall happier and healthier person, Friendship Expert, Speaker & Author, Shasta Nelson, believes it starts and ends with your friendships. As adults, we spend a lot of our time at work. We meet the same people every day and we strike up the same small chat around the water cooler. However, in a world where loneliness is on the rise even before the pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to foster meaningful relationships in the workplace.

Shasta states that it’s “almost impossible to be happy if you don’t have meaningful relationships,” and provides compelling evidence to support her claims that having friends at work makes you a better and happier person.

In This Episode:

  • 05:52 – Why Shasta is so passionate about helping others cultivate friendships at work
  • 08:24 – Why some companies fail to facilitate friendships within the workplace
  • 13:27 – The correlation between sales success and relationship building with clients
  • 15:52 – The three requirements that every healthy relationship needs
  • 20:24 – How these three relationship requirements correlate with how you should express your brand on social media
  • 25:19 – Whether working from home makes it more difficult to make friends
  • 28:13 – Shasta shares tips for managers for building positivity in the team
  • 31:30 – How we should adjust what we’re doing within our relationships in light of the pandemic
  • 35:20 – How Shasta creates and shares engaging content for social media

Quotes From This Episode:

“It’s almost impossible to be happy if you don’t have meaningful relationships”

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