Why Live Streaming is Both Easier and Harder Than You Think

Why Live Streaming is Both Easier and Harder Than You Think

Stephanie Liu, the Founder of Lights, Camera, Live, reveals the best practices for live streaming and how to make the most of your live stream content.

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Repurpose your Live StreamsWhy Live Streaming is Both Easier and Harder Than You Think

Is there more to live streaming than the ‘going live’ part? Stephanie Liu, the Founder of Lights, Camera, Live, knows more about live streaming than anyone we’ve ever had on the show.

Hosting a live stream is one thing, but it’s what you do with that content after the ‘lights go out’ that really matters. Stephanie talked about the importance of repurposing your live stream content because “when you’re top of mind, you’re tip of tongue.” Repurposing content is like creating “digital confetti” that you can spread all over the internet.

Live streaming is one of the best ways to show your audience your expertise and authenticity, making it so much easier for them to build rapport with you. Stephanie shares many useful tips from pre-production to what you can do to build on the original content you have created.

In This Episode:

  • 05:30 – The benefits of live vs recorded video
  • 06:34 – Whether episodic live content performs better than single execution live streaming
  • 08:34 – Stephanie shares her ultimate 10×10 formula for episodic content
  • 10:24 – What social channels are better suited for live streaming
  • 14:51 – How Stephanie’s company faced the growing desire to live stream as a result of the pandemic
  • 16:38 – How to promote your live streams
  • 19:08 – Why you should focus on your bare-bone basics to get started with live streams
  • 22:18 – How to repurpose your live stream content
  • 25:38 – Why social pros have to be open to experiment
  • 27:29 – Why you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss your own opportunities

Quotes From This Episode:

“One of the main benefits of live video is that it gives the impression that you are more authentic”

“Live streaming is like improv. You’ve got to roll with it”

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