Why Now is The Time For Brands to Take Chances in Social Media

Why Now is The Time For Brands to Take Chances in Social Media

Saul Colt, Founder and Creative Director at The Idea Integration Company, is our special guest on this episode of Social Pros. We discuss why advocates will do more for your brand than influencers and why you need to start taking more chances in social media.

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Influencers vs. Advocates“Brands need to stand up & do things that people notice”

Is it time for brands to take risks and chances in social media? Saul Colt, Founder and Creative Director at The Idea Integration Company, certainly thinks so, and he believes we should start by changing how we perceive influencers.

Influencer marketing is potentially very powerful. However, finding the right influencers to advocate for your brand is another ballgame entirely. It’s not enough to find an influencer with a huge following. They should also care about your product and your brand. Saul felt very strongly about this and stated that he would “rather make the influencer than buy the influencer.”

What is more valuable – an influencer with 25k followers who doesn’t care about your brand or a super fan who genuinely loves your brand? It’s easy to become seduced by the size of an influencer’s audience, but is it time to forget the numbers and choose influencers based on the amount of passion they have for your brand? Find out on this episode of the Social Pros Podcast!

In This Episode:

  • 05:48 – Why Saul gravitated towards word of mouth
  • 08:16 – Why people struggle to create conversation and attention
  • 12:01 – Why there must be a strategy behind your tactics
  • 16:35 – Whether social amplifies the cultivation of new ideas and creativity
  • 18:40 – Why it’s better to find advocates for your brand than influencers who don’t genuinely care about your brand or product
  • 27:25 – How the pandemic has changed tactics Saul uses on social media
  • 37:04 – Why brands need to focus on more than just the tools they use

Quotes From This Episode:

“Anybody can have a moment of brilliance in a room, but it’s having the fortitude to follow through on those ideas that separates the talkers & the doers.”

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