Why Pinterest Is The Secret Powerhouse Of Social Media

Why Pinterest Is The Secret Powerhouse Of Social Media

Alisa Meredith, Pinterest Product Specialist & Marketing Manager at Tailwind, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about how brands can use Pinterest to reach new audiences, drive traffic, and scale their businesses.

In This Episode:

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Accelerate Your Business on PinterestIf you use tailwinf create... you get 373% more saves or re-pins on that pin.

Have you thought about using Pinterest for business? If not, it’s time to step up and supercharge your presence on Pinterest.

459 million people use Pinterest each month, that’s a huge audience and Pinterest’s growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. Alisa Meredith, Pinterest Product Specialist & Marketing Manager, at Tailwind, states that 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded. This means that 97% of referring traffic from Pinterest is new traffic, which is a massive opportunity for brands to reach new people, increase traffic and drive conversions.

Pinterest is a powerful platform for reaching traditional demographics and new audiences as the platform continues to grow. Alisa is a Pinterest expert. In this episode, she reveals how social media practitioners can leverage the platform to create and share incredible pins that speak to their audience.

In This Episode:

  • 05:06 – How Alisa would describe Pinterest to beginners
  • 06:20 – Why it’s so important to get your pin on as many boards as possible
  • 07:18 – Whether success on Pinterest is based on what industry you’re in
  • 08:53 – How Pinterest can drive a new audience to your business
  • 11:01 – Why Pinterest lacks data insights and analytics
  • 13:52 – How the demographics of the average Pinterest user is changing
  • 16:40 – What Tailwind Create is and how it works
  • 18:59 – How to find the sweet spot when it comes to uploading new pins
  • 22:00 – How brands can use Pinterest Paid Ads
  • 23:48 – What works and what doesn’t work on Pinterest
  • 28:20 – How B2B brands are leveraging Pinterest
  • 30:03 – Key mistakes to avoid when using Pinterest for business
  • 34:18 – The importance of production value
  • 37:43 – Whether brands really need a content philosophy that includes everything (images, videos, stories, etc.)

Quotes From This Episode:

There are things that Pinterest can enable us to do that is hard to find anywhere else Click To Tweet

“The average time to create a pin is 15 mins… but the average member takes 1.8 mins to create a pin with Tailwind Create.” – @alisammeredith


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