Why Snapchat and FB Live Are Stealing TV Ad Budgets

Nick Cicero, Founder and CEO of Delmondo, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the opportunities for brands and companies to dominate social through Snapchat and Facebook Live.

In This Episode:

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Nick Cicero - InstagramEvery Minute Counts

Snapchat has baffled and intimidated a number of marketing professionals since its debut in 2011. Its growing presence among consumers makes it an enticing and lucrative platform to conquer… if we could just figure out how to do it.

Since the average user spends only 25-30mins in the app each day, it comes down to figuring out how to capture as many of those minutes as possible.

As a former host of the Social Pros Podcast, Nick has a deep commitment to advancing the social banner and sharing what he has learned as somebody who lives on the leading edge of technology. One of his specialties is harnessing the power of Snapchat to drive businesses and brands to great heights, particularly through vertical video. His company’s three-pronged approach of strategy, production, and analytics has been trusted by some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including McDonald’s, AT&T, Cisco, and Unicef to name a few.

Nick’s knowledge and consumer insight can help any social pro get their Snapchat plan off the ground.

In This Episode

  • How a well-engaged influencer leads to exponential growth on Snapchat
  • Why social consumption doesn’t always mean an appetite for content
  • How a strategically placed call to action on a live video leads to better consumer engagement
  • Why vertical video is the next big thing for brand content

Quotes From This Episode

“There was more and more discussion of brands wanting to produce content on snapchat in a lot of different ways.” —@nickcicero

“We find that influencers do a much better job when they have a long term engagement.” —@nickcicero

“We are starting to see vertical video as an ad unit and as a creative element.” —@nickcicero

“Snapchat has provided a huge advantage for brands because it requires somebody to take an action and share it outward.” —@nickcicero

“Vertical video is so fundamentally different from any type of medium before that it has shaken it up in people’s heads a little bit.” —@nickcicero

“An awesome personality and an awesome story combined can be what drives success of vertical video and staying authentic.” —@nickcicero

“A person who is watching a live stream and has been engaged 40-50% of the broadcast is probably the most primed user to take an action.” —@nickcicero

“When TV dollars evaporate, they condense as digital video dollars.” —@nickcicero



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