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Why You Need Analytics and Trust for Successful Influence Marketing

Authors: Jess Rebekah Iliff
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

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Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer at AirPR, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to talk frankly about the importance of analytics, authenticity, and trusting your influencers.

Rebekah Iliff_InstagramGotta Have Faith

Wouldn’t it be nice to control absolutely everything?
Actually no. Not really. Sometimes it’s best to trust your choices and let go after looking closely at well-collected data.
Rebekah Iliff is a powerhouse of energy, savvy, and wisdom after years in the PR business. She’s coined the term “PRTech,” and believes in using data wisely,  consistently, and taking the time to find the specific influencer that suits your needs and letting them grow your message far beyond what your brand thought imaginable
Rebekah’s company, AirPR, is a PRTech company that provides, data, insights, and analytic solutions for the constantly developing PR industry, bringing actionable insights to all.
She loves pushing the envelope and shares her ideas today on how businesses can create measurable programs with trusted influencer campaigns.

In This Episode

  • How to make your brand its own influencer
  • How to deeply trust your influencers
  • Why you need data and analytics every step of the way
  • Why positive, respectful relationships are so important
  • Why you need to know your goals inside and out before launching any campaigns


Quotes From This Episode

“I only listen to people who I trust, have relationships with, know have influence, and have in some way, shape, or form been vetted.” —@rebekahiliff
“I think if you are internal to a brand, you also need to be thinking about not only how do we tap into influencers so we can do influence marketing, but how can we be influencers ourselves?” —@rebekahiliff
“You have to really focus on the core values, the authentic person or statement behind something. People can smell BS from a mile away now.” —@rebekahiliff
“As a PR professional, or if you’re internal to a brand, you need to stop just generating noise. Really figure out what you’re trying to say, say it in a way that matters, say it in a way that sparks conversation and that drives curiosity.” —@rebekahiliff

“The reason you need data and analytics is because without measurement and benchmarking, companies and brands can spend millions of dollars doing influencer marketing-type initiatives and not really understand what’s working and what’s not.” —@rebekahiliff

“You need to find people who have compelling stories, that are doing interesting things in the world with their careers and then brands need to match that with their vision and their goal. I think that’s when you get the best outcomes, when you have alignment with the influencer and alongside those kinds of brand goals.” —@rebekahiliff



Would You Rather

Would you rather spend two weeks stuck in a psychiatric hospital or in an airport?
I think that I would probably choose an airport, because I’ve been stranded at airports and as long as it’s a good one, I can totally handle it.
Would you rather eat ghost peppers or have to perform CPR on a complete stranger?
I’d have to say CPR on a stranger, for sure.
Would you rather be a successful artist who sells uninspired commercial art that you see at chain hotels, or a starving but absolutely brilliant artist?
Oh, definitely the second. Definitely the second. I can always make a buck so I think that I would definitely choose the second one. I would figure it out. I would figure it out at some point, but I would be miserable in every other thing.

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