Why You Should Be Doing Less Social, Not More

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the inextricable and profitable relationship between content and social.

In This Episode:

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As the widely recognized thought leader and major influencer in content marketing, Joe understands the deep connection that exists between content and social. Through dogged determination, he built Content Marketing Institute from the ground up and now educates an audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands; nearly 4,000 of which attend his annual Content Marketing World event in Cleveland.

He would not have found such success without a clear understanding of how and what social to use to further his career and build his audience. This approach to social of learn-commit-execute has given him the knowledge to step out of the marketing herd and carve a path that works best for him and his brand. The result is a focused, driven campaign that exists only on the channels that matter and leaves the rest behind.

Joe’s advice to apply only the social that works allows for more time and energy to create an in-depth campaign that drives sales and builds an impactful community.

In This Episode

  • How print and email subscriptions lead to better lead qualification
  • Why content development means diving into social
  • How keeping content promises to your customers means creating an expectations calendar
  • Why video is not inherently the answer to your social campaign woes
  • How consistency leads to successful social and content marketing


Quotes From This Episode

Use social that makes sense for you and you understand the purpose behind it.” —@JoePulizzi

“Before you go all in, you really need to understand that you’re getting into bed with somebody that’s going to make the rules for you.” —@JoePulizzi

“If we can get an email and print subscriber, they’re more likely to buy products and services from us.” —@JoePulizzi

“Facebook is a great place for paid and a really good place for responding to customers.” —@JoePulizzi

“If there’s one area that I probably regret when I started the business, was that we didn’t focus on email subscriptions soon enough.” —@JoePulizzi

“If you’re not going to commit to a channel, you don’t go in it until you’re ready to go all in.” —@JoePulizzi

“Everything is based on the email subscriber. That is our core metric. If we are not pushing social media channels to do that, it’s not going to work for us.” —@JoePulizzi

“I’m not here to say, ‘Oh, I need to know the exact buyer’s journey,’ because you can’t do that today. But we can be a little bit smart about what we focus on and what we don’t.” —@JoePulizzi

“The more engaged they are, the more they buy, the more they talk favorably about us.” —@JoePulizzi

“Email subscription is the gateway drug.” —@JoePulizzi

“The hot new thing is doing today’s things better.” —@jaybaer



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