Why Your Social Should Focus on Current Customers

Why Your Social Should Focus on Current Customers

Anthony Yepez, Associate Director of Social Strategy at Digitas North America, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss why current customers should be the center of your social media strategy.

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Putting People First on Social Media“You’ve got to have a human element to your social media.”

What should you focus on most of all in social media? Is it the metrics, posting schedule, viral content…or is it the people themselves?

Anthony Yepez says you should focus not just on potential customers and follower count but also on your current customers. He says that “your current customers are the gateway to prospective new customers,” and yet many businesses overlook that.

Anthony, Associate Director of Social Strategy at Digitas, shares his tips for connecting with your audience and how he gets brands to succeed on social media. In this episode, he shares what he believes are common mistakes in social and why it’s so important to listen to your audience. Anthony believes you should always “have a human element to your social media” and focus on real connections above all.

In This Episode:

  • 4:12 – How working remotely has affected social media agencies
  • 4:54 – The core elements of a successful social strategy
  • 6:10 – How far out you can realistically plan a social strategy
  • 7:31 – Why communication and processes are key to working remotely with clients
  • 9:07 – Which remote communication tools Anthony and his team use
  • 9:47 – Why you should join the Social Media Marketers (SMM) Slack group
  • 13:41 – Anthony’s take on Clubhouse
  • 15:54 – Which success metrics clients pay too much attention to
  • 18:02 – When to encourage clients to join a new social media channel
  • 23:53 – How social pros experience social media burnout
  • 28:23 – The importance of listening to your audience
  • 30:51 – Why Anthony thinks brands that focus on current customers do better
  • 31:53 – The challenge of explaining social media strategies to customers
  • 36:14 – Anthony’s tip for becoming a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

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“That’s why some people do so great on social. They understand their community because they’re humans connecting with their audience.” – @AnthonyYepez

“Your current customers are the gateway to prospective new customers.” – @AnthonyYepez


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