You Should Give Your Customers a Slow Lane

Everything around us conspires to make us think and act fast. But sometimes our customers want to take it slow. Why you need to give them that opportunity.

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(watch video to see me in a Santa hat, and an actual brisket I made)

Everything around us conspires to make us think and act fast, but maybe the best things actually require you to take it slow.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody out there who watches and reads Jay Today. Thanks for making the Jay Today show a big success. I love doing this every day, and I hope you enjoy the program.

Everything around us, whether it’s social media, it’s mobile computing, it’s the Internet, it’s just the pace of life – makes us think fast and act fast and do things fast. We’re always trying to be faster and faster and faster. That’s where we’re at as a society. But many of the things that are great in life and in business actually require you to go slowly, like this brisket. Check this out.

This is a 14.5 pound American Wagyu beef brisket. Isn’t she a beauty? Getting ready to go on the smoker in just a minute. (seriously, watch the video)

So the way this brisket works is I’m going to put it on for about 4 to 4.5 hours at 225 degrees in my pellet smoker. I actually wrote all about my pellet smoker in my book “Youtility.” Then I’m going to wrap it so it doesn’t get too much smoke. Do another 4 or 4.5 hours. Then let it rest for two hours, then slice it, make some burnt ends, etc. It’ll be all ready for a big party we’re going to on Christmas Eve in the woods.

By the time you slice it, put rub on it, cook it, rest it, slice it, all that, it’s like a 12-hour process for a brisket, sometimes longer. I learned the value of patience when I became a certified barbeque judge. That’s right. I can actually judge barbecue competitions. All the best barbeque takes a really long time. That’s what’s so interesting about smoking (meat). In an era when we’re just interested in, “Hey, let’s put this in the microwave and have it done in 30 seconds,” the the barbequing community takes days to make their food. I think it’s really fantastic.

The same thing is true in your business. We’re always trying to be fast, get faster, do faster, respond faster. In fact, my new book is going to be all about that — the fact that we’re better off now to be fast than to be good.

Maybe Your Customers Don’t Want Fast

But sometimes that’s not what your customers actually want. Sometimes your customers want dinner and a movie first. They want to be wined. They want to be dined, even if it’s one tweet at a time. Don’t think that just because you have the opportunity to act fast, that that’s what your customers want. They want to take their time. They want to self-educate. And when they’re ready, if you’ve done it correctly, when they’re ready, your customers will come calling.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says:

“The problem with most marketers today is that they act like 19-year-old dudes. They’re trying to close the deal on the first date.”

Provide A Slow Lane

Make sure that when you’re asking your potential customers to do something — you want them to buy from you, you want them to tell their friends, you want them to do whatever — make sure you give them a second option that allows them to commit part-way. This is the all-important yet often overlooked Slow Lane of marketing.

So instead of saying, “Look, you need to buy or leave,” give them the chance to buy — that would be great — or subscribe to your email newsletter, which is sort of a half step. Give them those incremental connection opportunities, and ultimately when they’re ready, when enough time has gone by, when they’ve cooked their brisket, they will reward you with their dollars, their loyalty, and their enthusiasm.

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Screenshot_12_30_14,_10_33_AMToday’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for A reminder, today’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for Gary Vaynerchuk for that fantastic quote about 19-year-old dudes and so many other Garyisms. I hope he has a happy holiday season as well.

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