Burberry Stylishly Streams Its Runway Show On Vine

badge-image-of-the-weekMiss the Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S14 runway show on June 18th in London? Don’t fret, because thanks to the social media team at Burberry, you can watch the entire show in just six seconds on Vine.

Within the Vine app, more than 2,000 have liked the video. Also cross-promoted on Burberry’s Twitter account with a promoted tweet, the Vine of the Menswear S/S14 show has generated over 600 re-tweets and 285 favorites. Prior to sharing the runway show, Burberry stylishly streamed six additional Vines to raise awareness and excitement for the collection and event. From a six-second trip through central London to Kensington Gardens, where the show was held, to a frenetically fabulous look at the collection’s prints and patterns and celebrity fans goofing off behind-the-scenes, the Vines are incredibly well done.

Filmed with the style and polish that we’re used to from Burberry on social media, one can’t help but notice an extra spring in their well-heeled step. The team behind the Vine content does a good job maximizing the milliseconds within each video to craft a short story. It’s also worth noting the level of effort required to film videos of this caliber – especially the runway show. Given the requirement for filming and pushing out a Vine in real-time, the stakes are high and the margin for error higher. Then again, so is hosting a live runway show!

Companies can look to Burberry’s Vine content as an example of how to successfully activate snappy, six-second videos around a live event. From teasing the event a few days out, to highlighting behind-the-scenes content on the making of the event and products featured, Vine’s short form video content is the perfect way to generate fan excitement. Vine also offers a good way to showcase guests having fun at the event and key moments worth sharing. With the option of cross-promoting on Twitter, sprinkling in a few Vines can help to craft a visual story around an event. Oh, and when on Vine at a chic event, don’t forget to strike your fiercest pose!

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