The 3 Social Metrics That Will Get You Promoted

The 3 Social Metrics That Will Get You Promoted

A decade into the rise of social media as a business imperative, and we’re still hamstrung by a glut of weak and sometimes misleading statistical measures.

In short, social media metrics often suck.

I want to try to help fix this by drawing from the Convince & Convert team’s experiences with dozens of brands. I want to try to shed some light on what’s real and what’s mathematically imaginary, like Conor McGregor’s chances.

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Yes, I want to help social media practitioners better understand what’s happening day-to-day. But perhaps more importantly, I want to give social pros a way to better merchandise their data inside their own companies. This is an area that, in my experience, needs a lot of work. There are a TON of very adept social professionals that are holding back their own careers by not consistently explaining their progress in a concise and powerful fashion.

So today I launch a new ebook from me and the Convince crew, called “The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics and Why They’ll Get You Promoted”

It’s 100 percent free. All we ask for is your first name and your email address. Yeah, we’ll add you to our weekly email list, and I hope you’ll find that a worthwhile value exchange. If not, let me know and I’ll remove you.

Highlights of the 3 Types of Social Media Metrics and Why They’ll Get You Promoted

There’s a ton of content in this book. We pulled no punches and drew no quarter. I very much hope you’ll download it—and I want your feedback. Just email me jay at convince and convert dot com and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, a few highlights:

  • Metrics matter more than ever. As social becomes more reliant on paid, budgets go up. And when budgets go up, scrutiny rides shotgun. Effective measurement is required to justify budgets (and personnel).
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  • Most metrics fail because they are not tied to a meaningful business outcome.
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  • We describe nine key metrics in the ebook, ranging from audience growth rate to share of voice.
  • And, in my favorite section, we discuss the three different reports that should be created about social media, and who should see each type of report, and when, using our F3 approach (Frequency, Focus, Format).

Huge thanks to the entire team for working on this. It’s the first in a series of ebooks we’re creating called The Thoughtful Marketers Guides. Next one is on content marketing.

Grab yourself a copy of  “The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics and Why They’ll Get You Promoted” right now here, and please let me know what you think via email, or below.

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