Facebook Success Summit – 22 Sessions on Everything Facebook

Is Facebook important to you and your business? If it’s not now, it will be soon (see my post tomorrow for more on that).

Now with more than 500 million global members, Facebook is changing the way we interact, communicate, share, and shop. Despite Facebook’s apparent addiction to public relations missteps and half-baked schemes, they still keep chugging along, taking over the world one “like” button at a time.

Many businesses are past the point of asking the “should we be on Facebook” question. The new question is “how to I use Facebook optimally – as more than a newfangled Yellow Pages?”

The Facebook Success Summit Answers That Question, And A Lot More

For one ridiculously low price of $297 (for now), you get access to 22 Webinars about every facet of Facebook success. I’ll be talking about brand community strategy and how to activate your audience. Other instructors include the awesome Mari Smith, Brian Solis, Paul Dunay, my brilliant pal Jeff Widman from BrandGlue, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, my friend MIke Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner), and a bunch of other great folks, including a lot of specific case studies (even B2B!).

Check out all the details and save 50% (only $297 for a limited time). Just go to http://bit.ly/facebooksuccess

The Webinars run from October 5 – October 26. But the best part is, if you miss a session you can get the recording and slides.

My session is on October 12. Here’s my blurb: Do you have a Facebook strategy? Are you using Facebook just because of its size, or do you have a concrete rationale for participation? There are five main approaches to using Facebook for businesses. Each of these strategies requires different tactics, resources and success metrics. If you’re looking to bring some clarity to your Facebook efforts, be sure not to miss this illuminating presentation from social media strategist Jay Baer. It will change the way you think about Facebook for business.

I’ve worked with this team before on the Social Media Success Summit earlier this year. I know many Convince & Convert readers participated, and the feedback was tremendously positive. Facebook Success Summit is going to be even better and more actionable, since the topics are more focused.

I’d love it if you participated, and told your friends. Just register via http://bit.ly/facebooksuccess and I make a few bucks. This helps me keep this blog totally advertising-free.

Thanks. I hope to see you logged in at Facebook Success Summit!

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