Is Content Marketing a Necessity For Your Brand?

Content Marketing – Give Them Something to Talk About

If customers and prospects are already chattering about your brand on the social Web, your social media initiative can focus primarily on becoming an authentic part of those existing conversations. If someone throws you a surprise party, you just need to show up – you don’t have to go plan a bunch of other parties too.

However, for many small, B2B or less inherently interesting brands, the current level of social media chatter is essentially zero. It’s difficult to make listening and opportunistic engagement the nucleus of your approach when there’s nothing to listen or respond to in the first place.

That’s why content marketing becomes steadily more important for brands that don’t have existing social chatter.

If they’re not talking about you, it’s up to YOU to create content that gets them talking.

A lack of chatter isn’t a reason for your company to remain on the sidelines. Rather, it’s a signal that you need to make the first move.

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