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33 Hot Social Media and Digital Marketing Tips (and 8 Killer Quotes)

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Just finished up the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago. Another great event filled with excellent content and smart attendees.

I was a Mixologist for the event, along with Stephanie Miller from Return Path,MarketingProfs Mixologists Michael Brito from Intel, and Beth Harte from MarketingProfs. Our job was to attend conference sessions, take notes, and then wrap up the event with summarized key points.

Our Mixologist Report included 33 digital marketing tips, and 8 memorable quotes from the event:

From the Marketing Must Knows sessions

1. Build credibility before you sell via social media
2. Allow open (but governed) access for employees to Twitter and blogging
3. Broadcast emails are not effective. Create relevancy and be helpful
4. Use your Facebook fan page to promote key content of your email newsletter
5. Join the right conversations and the right time
6. Think about your Web site’s “front page” as a collection of pages, not one home page
7. Improve search spending ROI by using down-funnel data
8. Invest in social media. It’s not free.

From the Integrating Marketing Programs sessions

9. Test the unusual
10. Clean up your landing pages
11. Keep your troops informed
12. Insert retweet buttons into PDF files
13. Remove gates in front of your content
14. Use your brand community for market research
15. Engage in online communities as a person first, as a marketer second
16. Use Google keyword tool to learn how customers describe your products/services
17. Optimize all your content for search

From the Engaging with Customers sessions

18. Build relationships with fire starters
19. Build community first, monetize later
20. Offer value on Twitter, don’t self promote
21. Have passion and jump on every possible situation you can on the social Web
22. Build relationships with customers to create a memorable brand experience
23. Set goals, measure, and iterate
24. Social media guidelines for your company should be short and succinct
25. Be organized internally to effectively manage social media externally

From the Peer to Peer sessions

26. Blog about how your products/services fit into your customer’s lives
27. Humanize your blog
28. Get your legal counsel talking to other companies that have successfully implemented social media
29. Have conversations with senior management to determine their appetite for social media
30. Provide your community something that is personally beneficial to them
31. Let your members decide how they want to use “their” community
32. In online video, be mindful of people’s time, attention and surroundings
33. Use trackable links to measure success

8 Killer Social Media and Digital Marketing Quotes

Best quotes heard at the Digital Marketing Mixer:

“Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins” – Li Evans
“People Don’t Expect Your Company to be Perfect. They Expect You to Provide Solutions” – Debra Ellis
“Don’t Train. Simplify” – Dr. BJ Fogg
“Measurement is Like Laundry. It Piles Up the Longer You Wait to Do It” – Amber Naslund
“Your Customers Are Listening in Social Media. And So Are Search Engines” – Li Evans
“Many crummy trials beats the big thinking” – Dr. BJ Fogg
“The Art of Twitter is in the Retweet. You Must be Interesting” – Peter Shankman
“Tactics Without a Strategy is Worse Than Doing Nothing at All” – Li Evans

What’s your favorite idea or quote from the Digital Marketing Mixer? Leave a comment, and let’s chat.

(Disclosure: MarketingProfs is a client of Convince & Convert)

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