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4 Experts on What It Takes to Be an Amazing Social Pro

Authors: Jess Ostroff Jess Ostroff
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Even though their job titles and descriptions sound the same, many of our esteemed pros on the Social Pros Podcast have differing views on how best to be social and backgrounds that got them where they are today. We’re lucky to have them share their valuable insights and experiences.

February saw guests from Patron Spirits Company, maker of the ever-popular Patron tequila; ARAMARK Parks and Destinations, industry-leading hospitality and recreation company; Tyson Foods, the largest American-owned food processing company; and a company that I found particularly interesting – Ethical Wiki. 

What does it take to be a successful social media professional in each of these different fields? We pulled out the most interesting insights:

Patron VP of Digital Marketing, Adrian Parker

Adrian Parker, Patron
Adrian Parker, Patron

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” says Adrian Parker, the new VP of Digital Marketing at Patron. (tweet this)

He explains that at each new company he’s worked for, he’s been the first person in that position. The most important thing in the first 100 days is getting the culture right, otherwise you’ll be lost, even with the best social media strategy.

His number one tip for other social pros? Play to your strengths.

Instead of trying to become a guru of all things social, do what you do best and look for help on the rest. “I’m not going to out-blog or -content Jay Baer… but I’m going to lead transformation like no other for some of these really cool brands.” Trying to be the best at everything will get you nowhere in today’s competitive social climate.

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ARAMARK Parks and Destinations Directors, Amrita Sahasrabudhe and Brian Marks

Amrita Sahasrabudhe, ARAMARK
Amrita Sahasrabudhe, ARAMARK @amritasocial

At this massive operation, the people on the ground become immensely important for social. Director of Marketing Amrita Sahasrabudhe explained the scaffolding of community managers that Aramark uses to manage its destinations across the country.

“Having an on-site community manager becomes so important for authenticity.” -@amritasocial (tweet this)

Her team, along with that of Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media Brian Marks, relies on each community to dictate the strategy for that particular destination. No two are exactly alike, but they can all learn from each other. Most important for them is to let the destination be the hero; Aramark remains largely silent, at least directly.

Brian Marks, ARAMARK @bmarks
Brian Marks, ARAMARK

Brian has important advice for the aspiring social pro:

“Be prepared for change always… Everything in social media is bound to change.” -@bmarks (tweet this)

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Tyson Foods Manager of Social Media and Online Communities, Susan Beebe

Susan Beebe, Tyson
Susan Beebe, Tyson

“The more you’re technical, the better suited you are to work in social.” -@susanbeebe (tweet this)

Our social pros come from many different backgrounds, but Susan’s might be one of the more interesting. She has a strong background in legal and IT, and in this podcast she discusses how having a legal brain has both helped and hindered her work in social.

Susan is excited about the increasing use of mobile across the board, especially for brands like Tyson. Mobile allows brands to go far beyond broadcasting and give customers the information they need when they need it. Everything is always changing in social, so Susan advocates for always learning as a social pro.

“Don’t ever be comfortable. Keep learning!” -@susanbeebe (tweet this)

Tyson is a big company that has a lot of smaller brands within it. Susan’s team has many moving parts to keep their message going out and to listen in all the right places.

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Read the full show highlights here:

Ethical Wiki Founder, David King

David King - Ethical Wiki - @EthicalWiki
David King,

“One of the biggest differences between things like Wikipedia and Twitter or Facebook is barrier to entry.” -@EthicalWiki (tweet this)

Putting tender loving care into your Wikipedia page isn’t something that many marketing meetings touch upon, however it’s likely that Wikipedia is one of the top search results when people are looking for your information about your company. 

David’s strong background in public relations puts the Wikipedia question into context. Having accurate, ethical information about your company available across the web is extremely important to maintaining a positive reputation.

He has worked on becoming an expert in his field, and believes that experience is what separates the good from the great. Working with Wikipedia especially requires extensive experience to make sure the information can survive the test of time.

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Read the full show highlights here:

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