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5 Top Social Auditing and Assessment Tools for 2022

Authors: Ann Smarty Ann Smarty
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5 Top Social Auditing and Assessment Tools for 2022

Would you like to generate more traffic and conversions from social media marketing?

Do you feel that your social media channels could be doing better?

Most business owners will answer “Yes!” to both of these questions.

To boost the performance of your digital marketing strategy you need to identify what has worked or failed to work in your strategy so far.

To help you with that part, here are top social media assessment tools to prioritize what’s working (and a few tools to make it work better!)

1. Agorapulse: Analyze your content on Twitter & Instagram

Agorapulse is a social media management platform that also includes a powerful reporting feature that you can use to analyze your content performance.

The report includes:

  • Your following growth
  • Your day-to-day engagements
  • Your brand awareness score (i.e. Number of mentions of your username and listening searches containing your brand name for the selected period. )
  • The effectiveness of hashtags you use (i.e. Number of interactions generated by hashtags used in your tweets.)
  • Your (or your team’s) content publishing activity
  • Your top content
  • Your most effective days and time to publish content (which for me is surprisingly Saturday)

agorapulse best day and time to publish example

The tool supports Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (business pages only) but I have found the reports for Twitter and Instagram the most useful.

To turn these insights into action:

  • Make the most of your most active days
  • Make a better use of your most effective hashtags

Hashtagify is a cool tool that will allow you to identify related hashtags to the one that has worked best for you.  The tool is freemium and it will show you related and popular hashtags for free:

hashtagify Related Hashtags example screenshot

2. Buzzsumo: Analyze (and compare) your content on Facebook

Buzzsumo has a handy Facebook audit feature allowing you to analyze the content of any page, and even compare it to competitors’ pages.

You don’t have to be a manager of any analyzed page but you can surely analyze your own page using the tool. The report includes:

  • Average engagement by day of the week
  • Page activity (posts published every day within your specified period)
  • Average engagement per post type
  • Popular reactions to Facebook updates
  • Most engaging types of content (images, videos, question, giveaway, link)


To turn these insights into action:

  • Identify your most engaging days of the week and time of the day to publish content
  • Analyze your competitors’ content engagement tactics, like giveaways and lead magnets
  • Prioritize update types that work best for you or your competitor

Videoleap is a great app allowing you to prioritize video content to create more engaging social media content to publish across your social media channels. The app offers a huge library of templates and effects to make your content irresistible.


Videoleap provides you with a powerful video editor and video effects to create original and well-branded social media content that is hard to miss.

3. Keyhole: Identify your followers and engaged users on Twitter & Instagram

Keyhole is a premium social media audit tool that builds advanced reports on any social media profile activity. The report contains lots of sections you’ll enjoy browsing but my favorite parts are:

  • Top social media updates (by engagement) mentioning your name
  • Sentiment analysis of your social media mentions
  • Your most engaged influential connections (or influencers mentioning your (brand) name). This is by far the most useful section.
  • Compare your social media activity with that of your competitors
  • Social media profiles that mention your name the most

To turn these insights into action:

  • Connect to influencers who mentioned your brand and engage with their updates.
  • Identify if there are any opportunities for collaboration with those influential users who are aware of your brand
  • Connect to your most active promoters to follow and thank them.
  • Find opportunities for curating and publicizing social proof

Dovetale is a great platform to keep all the information on your engaged influencers. The tool makes your contacts searchable and well-organized:


4. Awario: Analyze your brand mentions

Awario is a social media listening dashboard that comes with detailed reports analyzing (and comparing) popularity of your brand or product name:

  • Frequency of mentions
  • Locations: Which countries the mentions are coming from
  • Topic cloud includes the most popular context around your brand name
  • Sentiment comparison of your and your competitors’ mentions
  • Most popular platforms the brand mentions are coming from


Using Awario API, you can also set up your own dashboard to prioritize types of data you want to focus on.

To turn these insights into action:

  • Identify platforms your competitors’ brands are more popular than you are (and try to create a more effective strategy for those)
  • Identify competitors with more negative sentiment and analyze their mistakes (to avoid those or build an effective product positioning strategy based on those)
  • Find fast-rising competitors and analyze their social media strategy

Use tools on this list to identify your competitors’ social media tactics you may want to learn from, including their best-working hashtags, engaged influencers, most engaging content, etc.

If you are planning to launch a new project, use this report to analyze your market and find what your future social media competitors do right wrong. According to Mobiversal, failure to research your market and future competitors is why most projects fail. A social media audit is one of the best ways to better understand your market and perform user research.

5. Emplifi: Analyze your Instagram following

Emplifi is a customer experience platform that also offers social media analytics features. The tool gives a handy overview of any social media profile, so it can be used to audit your own profiles as well as that of your competitors:

  • Watch the audience growth
  • Monitor the interactions
  • Analyze your (competitors’) social media reach
  • Analyze the frequency of updates

To turn these insights into action:

  • Based on your competitors’ numbers, set your goals for social media growth
  • Identify your (competitors’) best performing Instagram updates

Again, tools like Videoleap will help you create better and more engaging social media updates to overcome your Instagram competitors. Analyze your competitors’ top performing content and set up a better social media content strategy.


This may sound cliche but it is still so true: You cannot improve what you are not monitoring or analyzing. These tools will help you identify your most effective social media marketing tactics and give up on something that doesn’t work.

There’s no need to use all the tools I have just listed but make sure to try all of them for a few days. All the tools here have free trials (at least 7 days long) allowing you to get a feel of each report and find out if it will work for your niche. Good luck!

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