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88 marketers you should follow on Twitter

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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88 Marketers You Should Follow on Twitter
On my Jay Today video podcast (iTunes), I give a shoutout to someone who I respect and admire; a person I believe you should be following in social media.
Although I’m at episode 132 of the Jay Today show, sometimes I don’t include a shoutout, and several extra-awesome people have been given the nod on multiple occasions. Thus, I have 88 shoutout recipients to-date.
I thought it would be useful to create a Twitter list of these people (which you can access and follow here); but even more interesting to see how they are connected and interconnected. So, I created a custom list using LittleBird and peered into the big data crystal ball.
(A note on LittleBird: it is a subscription-based tool that provides deep insights into who is influential about a particular topic, and how those topical influencers are tied together. It has a ton of remarkable features, like automatically giving me links to all the Slideshare accounts on the analyzed influencers; providing a real-time feed of popular content they tweet; giving me a custom search engine that lets me query only their blog posts, and a ton more. If you want to learn everything and connect with everyone in a category, it’s crazy good. So good, I invested in the company. Learn more here.)

The Most Connected Marketers

As mentioned, there are 88 influencers in “Jay Today Shoutouts” list I created. Among this group, the top 10 people with the highest Insider Score (meaning that other people in the group follow them on Twitter) are:
1. Jason Falls – 68 (68 out of the 88-person group follows @jasonfalls)
2. Christoper Penn – 66
3. Scott Stratten – 65
4. Mike Stelzner – 65
5. Lee Odden – 63
6. Chris Brogan – 62
7. Mark Schaefer – 62
8. C.C. Chapman – 61
9. Joe Pulizzi – 61
10. DJ Waldow – 60
My own @jaybaer account would be a 82, but that still means that six people I shouted out that don’t follow me back. I’m looking at you Brian Clark, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Sernovitz, Michael Port, Mark Sanborn, and Ron Howard (who gets a pass because he’s legit famous)!
(To download a KILLER Excel file that shows all the data including Linkedin accounts, Twitter followers, location, etc. visit this link:)
88 marketers you should follow on Twitter

Most Popular Content Shared by These Marketers

LittleBird also tells me what the most popular content shared on Twitter among these folks is, and also whether any of the other list members have retweeted it. The day I wrote this, for example, the top three tweets (ranked by retweets) were two from @jeffbullas and one from Brian Fanzo (@isocialfanz) – a meerkat live stream, which is interesting.

Network Visualization of the Community

One of my other favorite features is the network visualizations capability that enables you to determine how any particular influencer is connected to others, and what sub “tribes” within the group may exist. For example, @JasonFalls is smack in the center of this group overall (which makes sense because he’s followed by the most members).
But, he’s also part of a sub-tribe that LittleBird uncovered that I named the “old skool social media peeps”. These are folks that all got into the social media industry at about the same time, and are offline friends too. According to LittleBird, members include Chris Penn, C.C. Chapman, Scott Monty, and Amber Naslund.

The Entire List of 88 Marketers You Should Follow

Here’s the entire list, sorted by Insider Score.
Jason Falls – 68
Christoper Penn – 66
Scott Stratten – 65
Mike Stelzner – 65
Lee Odden – 63
Chris Brogan – 62
Mark Schaefer – 62
C.C. Chapman – 61
Joe Pulizzi – 61
DJ Waldow – 60
Scott Monty – 59
David Meerman Scott – 58
Gini Dietrich – 58
John Jantsch – 56
Bryan Kramer – 55
Brian Clark – 54
Gary Vaynerchuk – 54
Mack Collier – 53
Ted Rubin – 53
Jason Miller – 52
Justin Levy – 52
Mitch Joel – 52
Amber Naslund – 52
Nick Westergaard – 51
Jeff Rohrs – 50
Michael Brenner – 50
Marcus Sheridan – 50
Brian Fanzo – 49
Tom Martin – 49
Jason Keath – 49
Jeff Bullas – 49
Kyle Lacy – 46
Sally Hogshead – 45
Tom Webster – 45
Tim Hayden – 44
Rohit Bhargava – 44
Steve Woodruff – 43
Jess Ostroff – 43
Joe Chernov – 43
Robert Rose – 42
Kim Garst – 42
Chuck Hemann – 42
Jessica Gioglio – 41
Frank Eliason – 39
Sean McGinnis – 39
Guy Kawasaki – 39
Viveka von Rosen – 39
Julien Smith – 38
Peter Shankman – 38
Andrew Davis – 37
Nick Cicero – 37
Brian Carter – 37
Heidi Cohen – 37
Arnie Kuenn – 33
Bob Knorpp – 32
Heather Whaling – 32
Shel Holtz – 31
Mike Corak – 30
Andy Crestodina – 30
Chris Moody – 29
Sandy Carter – 28
Dorie Clark – 28
Adam Singer – 28
Lisa Loeffler – 27
Note: Lisa also manages our new @convince Twitter handle for Convince & Convert, where we share tons of marketing goodness. Give it a follow if you haven’t please.
Josh Bernoff – 25
Dennis Yu – 25
Andy Sernovitz – 25
Lauren Teague – 24
Shep Hyken – 22
Vanessa Sain-Dieguez – 22
Jon Loomer – 22
Martin Shervington – 20
Jonathan Wichmann – 19
Colin Haas – 17
Greg Taylor – 17
Eric Boggs – 17
Corey Perlman – 16
Rory Vaden – 16
Chris Sietsema – 15
Adam Buchanan – 14
Michael Port – 14
Chris Johnson – 14
Josh Lysne – 13
Mark Sanborn – 8
Holly Hamann – 7
Laura Hall – 4
Ron Howard – 4
Nadine Dietz – 2
(To download a KILLER Excel file that shows all the data including Linkedin accounts, Twitter followers, location, etc. visit this link:)
88 marketers you should follow on Twitter

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