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How Lowe’s is Cutting Through the Digital (and Non-Digital) Noise

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
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Sometimes a brand creates content so compelling that it spans far beyond its digital and social media channels. Such is the case with the popular Lowe’s “Fix In Six” Vine campaign. Equal parts unique and useful, the campaign’s success is now bringing it to an unlikely place: the windows of the company’s new Chelsea location in New York City.

As seen in the video, Lowe’s has re-created its “Fix in Six” Vines in the new store’s window displays. The company has purposely selected videos with tips that are relevant to city living, offering valuable and relatable content to garner attention on a busy, NYC street—which isn’t all that different than the competition marketers face on cluttered social media channels.

In an interview with AdAge, VP of Concept and Market Development Jonathan Luster said, “It’s been a great introduction to the community and our introduction to being at the sidewalk. Usually, there’s a parking lot in between us and the customer—sometimes a parking lot and highway and a sidewalk. Here, we’re right in the community.”

The “Fix In Six” window display campaign was created by Spaeth Design and BBDO NY and will be up through the end of August. The company also tapped Periscope on August 5 to show fans the displays, as well.

While the Vine-inspired window displays are innovative, they’re the proverbial tip of the iceberg at Lowe’s new store, which is the first of its kind, fully designed with omnichannel. From 3D imaging to same-day fulfillment of items not in-store and mobile checkout, it’s a great example of the power technology has to streamline the shopping experience.

Another unique characteristic of this content evangelism is the integration of social and digital content in a physical retail location. This campaign is a great reminder that remarkable content should not be limited to digital channels. Providing that your content is relevant, useful and engaging to your audience, marketers should be asking themselves how to curate and maximize the content they’re creating.

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