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Grey Poupon Celebrates National Pride Month

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
Posted Under: Social Media
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badge-image-of-the-weekIn celebration of National Pride Month, Grey Poupon is generating conversation and debate around its simple yet powerful reinvention of a classic ad on the brand’s Facebook page. A nod to the famous Grey Poupon commercial “Pardon Me” from 1981, the Facebook post features an image of two men holding hands across two cars with the copy, “Spread good taste.”

Grey Poupon

The copy for the post says, “June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.” Originally posted on Monday, June 24, Grey Poupon’s post had over 19,000 “Likes,” 3,000+ “Shares,” and 1,800+ comments in a 24-hour timeframe. Dig through the post comments and it’s clear that the image and stance have struck a chord with people.

The post from Grey Poupon is certainly not the first in support of LGBT rights. It joins fellow Kraft Foods company Oreo, plus Expedia, Smirnoff and more, in expressing their support.

What do you think of Grey Poupon’s post?

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