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This Brutally Honest Social Campaign Wants You to ‘Seize the Cray’

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
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This Brutally Honest Social Campaign Wants You to 'Seize the Cray'

Do you dream that your workweek mornings were filled with yoga, journalling, and eating farm fresh breakfasts? These things would make for a very relaxing morning, but according to a new video from Organic Valley, the reality for most working women is quite opposite.

This campaign was created to promote Organic Valley’s new Organic Balance Protein Shake. The findings cited in the video come from a survey the company issued with SoundView Research in February 2016 among 1,000 American women ages 25 to 54 who work full time.

In addition to the video, the company has also created a dedicated microsite where visitors can take the survey and see colorful visuals of how they stack up against the results. As a reward for taking the survey, site visitors can score a coupon to try out the company’s new Organic Balance Protein Shake for free.

OrganicValley morning facts

This campaign follows “Save the Bros,” a campaign that promoted Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel protein recovery shake, which is now #1 in its category. The effort helped the co-op become the first billion-dollar organic food company.

So, how can your brand “seize the cray?”

Tell It Like It Is

Jason Falls once wisely wrote on Convince & Convert, “When your brand is authentic, it is true to its mission and purpose.” The authenticity of this campaign is what makes it shine. Buzzfeed even called it a “truth bomb.” The women and examples featured humorous and bluntly tell it like it is in a way that other women can relate to. Instead of selling us the vision, Organic Valley is selling us the reality—and it works.


Take Inspiration from Consumer Insights

It’s one thing to tell it like it is, but it’s another to back it up. Partnering with a third party to host a survey was a smart idea, as the results validate both the campaign and new product offering. By tapping into consumer insights, it’s not just an Organic Valley marketing campaign; it’s the voice of busy working women.

A great way to take this a step further is to also incorporate social media. Social media presents an incredible treasure trove of customer insights about your company, industry, and even your competitors. Plus, you can make these insights actionable by building customer profiles, segmenting audiences, and identifying top influencers to target and build relationships with.

Add Value

At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value, both with your marketing and your products. A great marketing campaign with a poor product isn’t going to make a lasting impact.  In the same vein, a product that nobody knows about will not drive results for your company.

By telling it like it is and adding value to busy women on-the-go, Organic Valley could have another hit on their hands.

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