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How John Frieda Is Embracing Personalized Content on Instagram

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
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How John Frieda Is Embracing Personalized Content on Instagram
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John Frieda is a brand that is passionate about color. Known for its hair care and color products, the company has launched a new Instagram campaign called #ShadesofMe to inspire its fans with personalized video content around the expressive potential of color.

The experience starts by visiting and connecting your Instagram account to the site.

John Frieda instagram content

From there, the participant is instructed to select their hair color.

John Frieda

Following this step, the campaign comes to life through a custom-made algorithm, allowing the company to pair the data around the individual’s hair color with the most-used colors in their Instagram account photos. Within seconds, the fan is served up a personalized video showcasing their most-used color or colors and what those shades reveal about them.

This writer tried the experience several times and was consistently served up with the shades of yellow and light blue—and a custom video explaining that I am lustrous, calm, and glittering. No objections here!

In addition to the video, the company also recommends bespoke hair products that work with the participant’s colors. A call-to-action to “Shop Now” completes the loop and drives engagement back into the John Frieda brand.

To promote the campaign, the company is leveraging its social media channels and influencer outreach. One notable promotional takeaway is the use of an “Instagram takeover,” where the brand has turned its feed into a visual promoting the experience. The company is also offering a chance to win some of its products for participants who tag the company’s social media handle and #shadesofme for a limited time.

John Frieda instagram

In an interview with Digiday, John Frieda’s digital marketing manager Alex Bradbury confirmed the campaign is part of the company’s strategy to deliver more personalized communications to its consumers.

“Everybody wants something that nobody has; that’s the crux of it,” she said. “They want something that’s tailored to them, something that gets a layer deeper.”

So what can you learn from this colorful campaign?

Tap Into Your Fans True Colors With Personalized Content

Social media sites offer ample opportunities for getting to know your customers. The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them and ultimately curate better, more personalized experiences for them. With most companies creating content on a daily basis, content itself offers a logical yet powerful opportunity to facilitate personalized experiences.

Look to John Frieda’s campaign for inspiration, but understand that a custom-made algorithm is not the only path to personalized content success. Whether it’s personalized, one-to-one responses with visuals or videos or building out custom audience segments and further personalizing from there, there are lots of creative ways to deliver a more personalized experience to your fans.


Layer in Different Elements to Boost Awareness and Engagement

A good takeaway from this campaign is to evaluate all the elements in your arsenal to boost awareness and engagement. From colorful teaser posts on Instagram during the days leading into the campaign to Instagram takeovers, a contest element, and influencer participation, John Frieda was able to cast a wide net in a strategic way to drive participation. Advertising on social media sites like Instagram is also a great way to raise awareness with your target audience.

Continue to Drive Momentum and Brand Advocacy Post-Campaign

If your goal is to create memorable customer experiences and grow your tribe of brand advocates, keeping the momentum going post-campaign is incredibly important. Companies are increasingly leveraging these types of campaigns to invite participants into formal advocacy programs where they are the first to know about new products, events, coupons, and other specialized content. Companies are also tracking campaign participation and building smarter customer profiles, so the next time that individual tweets a question or calls into the customer service team, the company knows they are speaking with an engaged customer. The end result equals programs and interactions that continue to build brand loyalty and result in better customer experiences.

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