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No B.S. Social Media Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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no bullshit social media

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Hey everybody, it’s Jay Baer from Convince & Convert. Hope you are doing great. Today we’re going to talk about things that are no bullshit.

First thing that’s no bullshit is it is a Saturday here in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. Going to go to the IU game with the kids. Go Hoosiers. However, it is also no bullshit that we are terrible. Playing Illinois today. Illinois 5 and 0, undefeated. IU, 1 and 4, with a victory over mighty South Carolina State. We’ve been soundly beaten by everybody else, so it could get ugly. But the weather’s beautiful. We’re going to tailgate and it’s going to be fantastic. (note: we lost 41-20)

A Great New Social Media Book

The other thing that I want to talk to you about today is this book, No Bullshit Social Media” (affiliate) written by my friends Erik Deckers and Jason Falls. They both live within a couple of hours of me here, so great book for the region.

I tell you what. There are a lot of social media books out there, as you know. In fact, I co-wrote one, but I really believe that this book is the best book out there for the small business owner and/or the company owner or manager who is still on the sidelines about social media, the doubting Thomases, the people who still say things like, “I don’t want to know what you’re having for lunch.” For those folks, and there are a lot of them out there as you know, this book is tremendous.

It really is an easy to read, easy to understand, compelling case about why social media and social media marketing make sense for business. How you make money, how you save money, or both. Great sections in the book about social media policy, social media resources, social media metrics, and ROI, all of it written in a way that’s very approachable for the small business owner who probably doesn’t have a ton of extra time to be reading blogs like Convince and Convert, etc.

If you’ve been doing social media professionally for several years, you probably won’t learn a whole bunch of new stuff, but that’s okay. That’s not who this book is for. It’s for those people who really do not believe in social media yet or just really haven’t experienced it. Give them a copy of it. They will thank you for it, absolutely.

Virtual Book Tour

The other thing that’s no bullshit is I’m really excited to announce that in conjunction with the book, we are going to have the first ever virtual book tour here at Convince & Convert. It’s going to be 11/1/11, so November 1st at 1:00. It’s a virtual book tour and giveaway sponsored by Convince & Convert and our friends at Infusionsoft. They’re a new sponsor here at Convince & Convert, really fantastic email and CRM software for the small business owner. So a great marriage between the book and Infusionsoft. We’re delighted to have them on board.

Free Book Giveaway

Jason Falls is going to present via GoToMeeting the highlights of the book and a giveaway. First 250 people who register for the webinar and show up, you can’t just register and blow it off, you have to register and show up for the webinar. The first 250 are going to get a virtual copy of the book for free. A PDF version of the book. You can read it on your iPad. You can read it on your Nook, on your Kindle, on your laptop, on your iPhone, on your Droid. It’s going to be great.

So check this out. Free webinar from the amazing Jason Falls and you get a free copy of the book. So how about that? Thanks again to Infusionsoft for making that happen.

I really do recommend the book, check it out. It’s on store shelves everywhere, or hang out for a couple weeks and get a free copy from us. But you ought to buy one anyway to give to your friends and cousins and bosses, things like that. You ought to support these guys. It’s a good book.

(Reserve your spot for virtual book tour and free book giveaway here. It will sell out, so don’t delay)

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