Youtility – The Marketing Strategy for the Age of Information Overload

Join the pre-release fan club at

Join the pre-release fan club at

Jay Baer Blog PostI’m delighted to officially announce that my next book is finished and it’s the best work I’ve ever done. I am BURSTING with excitement to get the book in the hands of sharp, creative people, and it’s coming your way soon.

It’s called Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype . It unveils a new marketing approach for the age of information overload and mobility, and I need your help making it a smash hit.

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What is Youtility about?

It’s not about social media, it’s about marketing.

Today’s consumers are staring at an invitation avalanche, with every company asking for likes, follows, clicks, and attention. This is on top of all the legacy advertising that envelops us like a straitjacket. There are only two ways for companies to break through in an environment that is unprecedented in its competitiveness and cacophony. They can be “amazing” or they can be useful. Instead of betting all your money on “amazing,” what if you instead relied on a simple, universal method of marketing and business success — one that’s never been more important or easier to accomplish?

What if instead of trying to be amazing you just focused on being useful? What if you decided to inform, rather than promote? You know that expression “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”? Well, the same is true for marketing:

If you sell something, you make a customer today; if you help someone, you make a customer for life. (tweet this)

I call this marketing approach Youtility, and it’s marketing upside down. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. Youtility is massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers.

The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those are the most important letters in modern business. Youtility shows you why, and how.

The book is being published by Penguin/Portfolio, the same team behind Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, John Jantsch’s The Referral Engine and Chris Brogan/Julien Smith’s The Impact Equation. The amazing and inspirational Marcus Sheridan wrote a stellar foreword for the book, and it includes commentary from Ann Handley, CC Chapman, Lee Odden, Avinash Kaushik and many more, as well as dozens of case studies from Google, Hubspot, Hilton, Clorox, Columbia Sportswear, ExactTarget and lots of others, including small companies doing Youtility right.

The last third of the book includes a 6 step process for creating Youtility, and I also put in a quick reference guide to help readers who want to refer back to the key themes and principles over time. I am FIRED UP about this book!

Join the Pre-release Fan Club

I would be very grateful if you’d take 5 seconds and join the pre-release fan club today. I’ll have some special offers and cool surprises for you early supporters. I’ll respect your privacy and your time, too.

I Want to See You in Person!

I’ll be criss-crossing the globe this spring doing pre-launch promotion for the book. The keynote presentation of Youtility is a barn burner, and you can catch it in a bunch of different places. See my speaking schedule for details.

I have a few more slots for Youtility presentations both before and after official release. If your company or organization is interested in having me come to town to raise the roof about Youtility, please let me know immediately. I’m offering very aggressive packages whereby if you buy books on pre-order, I’ll waive my speaking fees. First come, first served so click over here to this form and let’s pick a date today.

On behalf of me, my family and the team at Convince & Convert, thank you for your continuing support!


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