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How to Plan Your Vine Videos for Content Marketing Success


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badge-guest-post-FLATTERBy now most of us content marketers have heard of, and probably already started using, Vine, the new app from Twitter that allows users to easily produce and share six-second videos.

When it comes to adding the new tool to our content marketing toolbelt, how do we avoid misusing Vine? I say the answer is the same for producing six-second videos as it is for producing sixty-second videos – you need a plan. Or, since Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, let’s say Vine is a micro-storytelling app and you actually just need a micro-plan.

Download a free copy of a printable Vine micro-planning tool, check out the whiteboard video below, or read the transcription to start planning right away.

Video Transcription for Your Reading Pleasure

So, if Twitter is a micro-blogging tool, then I’m dubbing Vine a micro-storytelling tool and I think that if you’re going to use Vine successfully, you want to think about it a little bit beforehand and create a micro-plan. So, I’m going to show you a quick way to do that.

Think about your audience, think about the people who might be watching this Vine and ask yourself basically two things: What do you want them to do after they watch the Vine and why would they do it?

So, if you can answer those two questions and almost write it out as a sentence:

The people watching my Vine will ___________.

What is it? They laugh? They click on a link and find out more? They understand that something new is coming out and they should look for more information soon?

What is it you want them to do or know after they watch the Vine and then why will they do it? What are you going to do to communicate? What are you going to show and tell them in that Vine that makes them want to do this?

Once you’ve got that figured out, maybe take some space and brainstorm. What kinds of visuals you can have in your Vine. Are they people? Are they products? Or different things that might help you visually tell the story, might help you complete this purpose with your Vine.

And then, what I would do, since you’ve only got six seconds, I would take six boxes – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and I would fill them in. I would create little sketches or words that help to illustrate what you would do with each of those six seconds. Maybe each one is different or maybe one of them are going to last two or three seconds.

That will help you think about what you want to achieve before you start pressing the screen, and start recording and then realize that you don’t really know what you’re going to do next.

This micro-plan will help you come up with a Vine that’s going to help you solve a purpose and actually make good use of the new app from Twitter.

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  1. Sean Sullivan says

    Rocky and Jay,

    I think this post is awesome! I feel you have captured an easy how to do use of the Vine app to tell a story. I also found you make an effective call to action using Vine which would be more engaging than pressing a button.

    What are your thoughts?


  2. JackieBernardi says

    Thanks for the post Rocky, I am just starting to use video in general, and began investigating Vine last night. I love the idea of micro-storyboarding for a 6 second video–it makes producing valuable content in that time seem possible.

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