The 15 Steps to Make a Great Podcast

The 15 Steps to Make a Great Podcast

I few weeks ago I wrote a post about how we produce our podcasts at Convince & Convert (we have three currently: Social Pros, Content Pros, and Jay Today).

Feedback and reaction were so strong, I decided to expand and enhance the piece, and turn it into a downloadable Slideshare presentation: How to produce a podcast in 15 steps from Convince and Convert

Podcast Listening Continues to Increase

Even since we put this presentation together, Edison Research released new data that shows monthly podcast listening in the United States has gone from 39 million persons to 46 million persons in one year. This means that fully 17% of Americans 12 years old or older are listening to at least one podcast monthly.

 Screenshot_2_22_15,_4_11_PM podcasts are coming online quickly, which is why I built the free website to be the search engine and reviews site for marketing podcasts.

We’re planning on launching several other new podcasts this year at Convince & Convert Media. Are you embracing podcasts for your content marketing (or just for education and learning purposes?)

It’s All Here

We included everything in this Slideshare presentation, including links to the actual online resources and software we use to produce each episode. Enjoy!

(And if you have any questions about how this works, please reach out on Facebook, Slideshare, or visit the contact us page and send us a note.)

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