General Electric Pours A Refreshing Glass of Science on Vine

badge-image-of-the-weekWhen life gives you lemons, pour a refreshing glass of science. Better yet, tune into six second science lesson from General Electric on Vine.

An important message from this video is to leverage the milliseconds to your advantage. How many times did the recorder have to touch and lift their finger off of their smartphone screen? Probably a lot, but that’s what makes it so engaging. The video moves quickly and is so jam-packed with action that the viewer cannot take their eyes off it.

In reviewing General Electric’s overall content stream on Vine, it’s filled with highly curated, clever nods to data, science, innovation, aviation, and more. From raining data, to engine testing and even a geeky Valentine’s Day message referencing the periodic table of elements, General Electric has cracked the code on how to diversify its Vine content, while keeping the viewer engaged.

Key Takeaways for Companies and Brands on Vine:

  1. Develop content buckets for videos in alignment with key themes and business departments at the core of your overall social media content strategy.
  2. Pick one point or key message per video and don’t overcomplicate it. Each of General Electric’s videos have a clearly defined, easy to absorb point which can be translated in six seconds and with a short, clever caption.
  3. Leverage the milliseconds to your advantage – enhance the mini moments within each of the six seconds to maximize the impact of your videos.
  4. Be conscious of sound and background noise when recording, as this can come across as awkward on your videos.
  5. Develop guardrails and a process to review and approve Vine videos before they go live. The immediate nature of the platform requires brands to be more nimble in their approval processes, whether it’s reviewing concepts in advance, or developing guidelines to use as videos are being filmed.
  6. Don’t forget to search for videos related to your company or brand. Similar to Instagram, liking and commenting on you fan’s Vine videos can generate super fans and boost your engagement on the platform.

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