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TouchDDown! Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces First Vine Ad On A Professional Broadcast

social-image-of-the-weekAre you ready for some football? Earlier this week, Dunkin’ Donuts debuted the first ad on a professional broadcast created with Vine on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. Shown as a billboard ad during Monday Night Countdown, the visual was actually a Vine enacting the upcoming coin toss during Monday Night Football with Dunkin’ Donuts hot and iced coffee, plus a festively striped latte “referee”. The Vine billboard ad was designed to promote a weekly #DunkinReplay Vine that would appear on Dunkin’ Donuts’ social media channels during Monday Night Football. Throughout the 16-game season, four unique Vine billboard ads will be shown.


In addition, each week during Monday Night Football, a team from Dunkin’ Donuts and agency partner Hill Holliday will be on standby to re-create a marquee play from the first half of the game on Vine. The #DunkinReplay Vine will feature Dunkin’ menu items,including coffee, donuts, munchkins, and more. The Vine will also be shared across Twitter and is meant to be a fun way for Dunkin’ to join the Monday Night Football conversation as the game is happening.

As Dunkin’ Donuts enters its third year integration with ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, this campaign reflects the brand’s continued interest in maximizing the second screen experience in a way that is engaging, relevant, and in line with the Dunkin’ brand.

Let the frienDDly rivalry between hot and iced coffee start brewing!

Editor’s Note: Jessica Gioglio is the social media manager for Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • JamesSeoChicago

    Excellent post! It’s seeing post like these that always make me excited to be working in the marketing/creative field. The fact that major brands and industry leaders are keeping with these trends re-motivate me to stay on the cutting edge! Keep it up, Jessica!

    • Jessica Gioglio

      Thanks, James. Really appreciate it. I agree – these campaigns make me proud to be exactly where I am in terms of digital marketing & company ;).

  • Sarah @ Sprout Social

    Love this. Although coffee may not have an incredibly relevant tie in to football, I still think it works, because both have an appeal to such a wide audience. I also think the replay of the game using the coffee drinks makes it even better. Way to go, Dunkin! I look forward to their next Vine post.

    • Jessica Gioglio

      Thank you, Sarah!

  • Nick @ Wishpond

    Very cool Jessica. I love the combination of traditional and interactive online media. Oreo has already shown the power of creating timely content. With your team on hand at games re-creating the most-exciting plays, you’ll be owning the #MondayNightFootball hashtag on Twitter.

    I hope you’ll provide a report on the increase in your Tuesday morning sales during the season!

    • Jessica Gioglio

      Thanks, Nick!

  • Doug Perry

    It’s cool but after a few of these it will no longer be cool. Passing fad – kudos to Dunkin Donuts for jumping on it.

    • Jessica Gioglio

      Thanks, Doug. It’s our hope to keep innovating, but it also does depend on the caliber of plays each week.