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It’s About People, Not Logos

People have the power. Your customers trust one another far more than they trust your brand. And trust in companies and organizations is at an all-time low.

With organic reach in social becoming ever more elusive, the keys to success include unlocking customer and employee advocacy, and combining them with smart, paid placement.

We will help you. We’ll work together to determine what your customers really want from you in social, where you’re exceeding those expectations, and where you may be falling short. We’ll evaluate your social media marketing versus your key competitors and determine where you inform and delight your customers and prospects. We’ll also work to make sure you’re measuring social optimally, whether you’re doing so from a B2C or B2B perspective.

It’s Social. And It’s Also Media.

We work with the world’s leading brands and organizations to help them gain more customers through a smart combination of organic and paid social, while also keeping their customers with outstanding social-powered customer service.

Convince & Convert is not an agency. We’re a strategy and operations consultancy. If you’re just starting a new initiative, we will show you the way. If you’re wrestling with internal debates about resources, oversight and governance, we will provide the clarity you seek.

We use our decades of experience, proprietary audience insights, competitive analysis, 6As metrics system, and operations optimization framework to provide Acceleration Plans that take your social media marketing program from good to untouchable.

Barb Schaetz, VP of Marketing Grand Ole Opry

Social media has become the Grand Ole Opry’s most versatile and effective marketing tool.  Perhaps that’s surprising for a 92-year-old brand, but it’s absolutely critical to our ongoing success.  Convince and Convert has enabled us to supercharge our efforts by providing insights on all aspects of our social media plan – from how best to organize our internal team for maximum effectiveness, to recommending monitoring and measurement tools to best fit our needs, to the creation of our foundational communication pillars.  Now, we are not only keeping the Opry relevant for longtime fans but are reaching and engaging new audiences on a daily basis.

Our clients include Oracle, Indiana University, Best Buy, 3M, P.F. Chang’s, and The United Nations.

These organizations trust us because we provide sound recommendations in a straightforward, hype-free fashion. Nearly all of our clients already have in-house teams and/or agencies. But because we don’t provide tactical implementation services, we don’t compete with their current vendors, or their own team: we make them better.

Social Media Marketing Programs We Offer

  • Custom, proprietary research to find your customers’ attitudes and your social opportunities
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Analysis of your current social media marketing program
  • Comprehensive social media marketing strategy
  • In-person social media marketing optimization workshops
  • Fan activation and UGC counsel and training
  • Employee activation and EGC (employee-generated content) counsel and training
  • Real-time, multi-media social content creation counsel and training (FB Live, et al)
  • 6As social media measurement framework development
  • Social media customer service strategy, operations counsel, and training

How We Double Your Results

We aim to double the effectiveness of your social media marketing within 12 months, once we work together to document and launch an enhanced strategic plan.

Our strategic plan process includes these three components:

Discovery & Launchpad – We hit the ground running, and keep the wins coming.

In the first Launchpad phase, we uncover and analyze everything about your business, with an emphasis on social. We’ll also look at your overall digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, Web presence, online customer service, and more. Everything is connected in the eyes of your customers.

The work will start with a Brand Anthropology Meeting, a two-hour, in-depth virtual session with you and your team where we will confirm your key goals, and ask you many questions about how your programs operate today.

In addition, we also need to review every conceivable report or statistic you have. We realize you may not have all of this pulled together, and our team will help you gather the data we need to complete Launchpad phase.

We’ll also in this phase do a deep dive on your competitors, and we’ll want to talk about them in the Brand Anthropology Meeting.

(OPTIONAL) We sometimes conduct custom, proprietary research to determine your customers’ attitudes about your business and your competitors. We partner with one of the country’s leading research firms to create these massively useful programs.

OUTCOME: A written Launchpad document that establishes your goals, provides you with a detailed competitive assessment, and begins the foundation for the acceleration plan. Delivered in a way that energizes your team and your executives about the road ahead.

Acceleration Plans – Next we focus on each area for digital success.

This is where we prioritize the areas your team or department need most and deliver not only a strategic guidebook for each digital pillar but exactly the operations, resources and timeline to get it done. The mission playbook is a strategic roadmap inclusive of the business needs required to achieve the goal. We build the rocket, you supply the fuel.

Our strategic recommendations and ideas are delivered in two pieces: 0-120 day action items; and 121-365 day action items.

We also provide a full priority map so you know what to tackle first.

OUTCOME: A detailed strategic and operations plan that tells you precisely what needs to be added or changed to double your effectiveness in approximately 12 months. Includes metrics recommendations, software and personnel recommendations, and tactical ideas that match up to your business goals.

We’ll deliver the Acceleration Plans live on-site at your place. You are going to love it. See some case studies of other brands we’ve helped.

Pathfinder – We continue to work together to fine tune as your team adds fuel to the Acceleration Plans.

Some of the recommendations we make in Acceleration Plans may ask you to leave your comfort zone. They may ask you to learn new skills, adopt new processes, kill sacred cows, or buy all-new cattle. We’ve learned (the hard way, truthfully) that when we give our partners Acceleration Plans and wish them the best, the chances for meaningful success are diminished significantly.

Consequently, we now engage in Pathfinder once Acceleration Plans have been delivered. In this phase, we work together to implement the recommendations, with our team holding the rudder and your team holding the wheel.

We meet every two weeks to check progress, optimize the plan (because digital, in particular, changes ALL the time), train your team on new tactics, and journey together on a trajectory of success.

Each quarter, we have a longer Pathfinder Progress session where we gather together in a video meeting to take a long look at key project metrics and milestones, and do a deeper dive on where the plan should change.

And, at all times, you have access in nearly real-time to our entire roster of senior strategists. We are on call and at your disposal to provide advice and counsel about all things social, Web, email, mobile, content, customer service, and beyond. We are the virtual, strategic extension of your team. High five!

Let’s talk about doubling your effectiveness

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