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25 Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013

As December comes to a close (and the end of the world is looming upon us), we’re thinking about the whirlwind that 2012 has been, and more importantly, what road has been paved for 2013. With a series of mergers and acquisitions, changes in privacy rules, and dozens of new tools emerging daily, not to mention several major tragedies that have changed expectations of brands and redefined the term “crisis management”, the future of digital marketing is impossible to predict.

In an effort to navigate the windy roads to come, ExactTarget has gathered the ideas of 25 social media, mobile, search, and email marketing experts and compiled them into a free ebook – The 25 Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013. Learn exclusive insights from a smart group of marketing mavens (some of them even smarter than me!) about marketing automation, cross-channel promotions and trends you never even thought of. They may not all come true in the coming year, but they’re sure to give you some food for thought as you plan our your digital marketing strategies for 2013.

To get a taste of what’s included in the ebook, the fine folks at ExactTarget have also put together a nice infographic that outlines highlights from each chapter (and what would 2012 be without infographics?). Feel free to download, share, and enjoy these thoughts, and finally, don’t forget to let us know what we missed! It’s a wild world out there, but when it comes to digital marketing, the best is yet to come.

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  1. Kristel Hayes says

    Hey…LOVE this infographic! Excited to download the book, and share the info, but having trouble w/the download form…even though all fields are complete, it’s telling me “This field is required.” (I think, related to phone number field?).

  2. says

    Seriously loving this – thanks for the share, Jay!

    Smart ideas all around. As for the email snippets, I do agree with what was said, though I think marketers are starting to do it all wrong. They’re trying to make prettier, more visually-pleasing emails, by just creating a photo in Photoshop, and then sticking it in the email. It looks great, but unless your users click “display images” it looks like a hot mess – there’s no text. It’s all pictures, and half the time they don’t realize the file name displays there unless you change it.

  3. says

    The ‘at a glance’ views work every time, big fan of this infographic.

    From reading we can clearly see a technological paradigm shift, we’ve all been playing a game for the past few years but none of us knew what game we we’re playing. I see 2013 beginning to show clarity, as expressed in the scope of views.

    Thank you for sharing.

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