1. WillyDMZ says

    People all over the world are the same: they want interaction, good deals, and benefits. Regardless of what kind of business you’ve got, posting frequently and offering some benefits for following you is what leads to success. Regardless of what country you’re in, there are a lot of services listed at for helping get social media followers from all over the world so I think that its very possible to launch a page with a decent amount of attention. To me, the biggest tragedy though is that China’s market is so questionable because of political controls in place. China has one of the largest growing markets but the restrictions on political freedom of speech (which are unfortunately starting to be talked about in other countries) are placing barriers on a lot of potential economic activity in one of the world’s largest markets now and arguably the biggest market a decade down the road. Regardless though, there are lots of possibilities to promoting social media around the world and good advice in America or the UK is good anywhere else: talk to people, respect them, offer them coupons and discounts and good advice.

  2. laurenelewis39 says

    Great Post! For a social media/branding class we are reading Social Media ROI and this goes right along with the that content. I never considered that certain things are a bit different if you are going to be interacting with those internationally. Thanks for the great content!

  3. YukariP says

    Great post! Being from Japan, I’m always going back and forth between Japanese social networks – Mixi- and FB, G+ and Twitter.  I am getting more and more inquiries from businesses interested in expanding to Japan, and people in Japan are equally interested in expanding in English culture. It’s definitely a big advantage to be able to reach marketplaces in different languages.

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