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Can I Get Your Advice on a New Project Please

I have lots of new projects I want to tackle this year. We’ll be doing a redesign of Convince & Convert in the first quarter. I’ll also be writing a new book (roughly scheduled to be out in August – more details soon). My wife and I are getting back into the restaurant review blogging game (although that’s just for fun).

I’m also thinking hard about producing a podcast – and that’s where I need your help. I very much enjoy interacting with other people in the social media, marketing, and business arenas, and I’ve done many interviews in the past few years. I started with my groundbreaking Twitter 20 series of live interviews on Twitter, and now I do many video interviews of authors.

What Do You Like in a Podcast?

I’m not sure what’s the best way to make it work as a podcast, so I’ve put together this VERY short survey via popsurvey (which is a fantastic application). Would you be so kind as to participate? Any other thoughts you might have are most welcomed, and I’d love to chat with you about this concept in the comments below.

Thank you!! – Jay

  • RogierNoort

    Should be interesting if you did.., I’d be curious about it.

    • JayBaer

      @RogierNoort Thanks much. Stay tuned!

  • Josh Liu

    A lot of blogs/pod-casts are talking about tips, guides, news, or “success stories”. I think many people, including me, would be also interested in how to use all those wisdom for our “not successful yet” cases.

    Perhaps, you could ask the audience to give you their business challenges, and you could actually use them as the live business case studies for the pod-cast. Alternatively, audience can vote for their favorite business challenge for that episode beforehand.

    It will be much more engaging, and beneficial to the audience too. And, I am sure many audience would really like to see how social media magic can be applied to businesses similar to their. :)

    Just a thought

    • RogierNoort

      @Josh Liu That is actually a good thought Josh. You (Jay) could also interview ‘regular’ people (bloggers, marketeers) and see how they do. Maybe even a before and after to talk about actual real-life plans and their results.

    • JayBaer

      @Josh Liu I really like that idea Josh. I definitely want to do something that’s outside the norm. Just trying to figue out what that could be, without devolving into a shtick.

  • ericboggs

    I think this is a great idea, Jay. :)

    • JayBaer

      @ericboggs You da man.

  • codycornett

    So, PopSurvey doesnt work on mobile devices? The survey options don’t fit in my browser, and there is no scrolling. And to make matters worse, the only options I do see are the left/negative/red options! Ha. Thought you might want to know that in case your results end up skewed that way.

    • JayBaer

      @codycornett Sorry to hear that. I haven’t tried it on mobile, and I know they are fresh out of beta. I’ll send that feedback along. Thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know. That’s nice of you.

    • Shpigford

      @codycornett For clarification…PopSurvey DOES work on mobile devices, but a survey embedded within a post that’s being viewed on a mobile device might not work great (especially if the post has it’s own re-formatting for mobile devices). We need to tweak what happens when you’re viewing an embedded survey on a mobile device, but just want t clear up that PopSurvey absolutely works on mobile devices.

  • cencoastsocial

    Can’t wait for your podcast Jay and details on the new book. Congrats!

    • JayBaer

      @cencoastsocial Thanks very much. I appreciate your support!

  • auditorym

    a go

  • mrtunes

    a good podcast should be easy to digest and focused on the listener. i really despise never-ending roundtable discussions where people just want to flog their status. that seems to be the trend in social media podcasting. also be sure to include some music that’s timely (intro, outro, and maybe a music break)!

    best of luck.

    • JayBaer

      @mrtunes Good idea on music. Thanks for the reminder on that.

  • kadeeirene

    I personally think discussions are too hard to follow on podcasts. Interview style gives the listener structure and one person talking at a time. I think there are just too many things up in the air if you produce it as a discussion. Let the discussion take place in your blog comments or on Twitter/Facebook. Discussion is the fun part but podcasts should be informational and easy to follow.

    • JayBaer

      @kadeeirene Thanks very much. Great feedback. I know what you mean.

  • Dick_Foster

    Hi Jay, I enjoy listening to well-done podcasts, and I’m sure that yours will be well-done!

    FYI, this page locks up on Chrome. Your other site pages load just fine so I assume that the PopSurvey is the problem.

    Survey completed!

  • Anna Gervai

    Survey completed, looking forward to what you’ve got planned for 2012, sounds exciting :)

  • jaybaer

    @blogworldexpo Thanks BWE! You too @webby2001

    • eswayne

      @jaybaer Any plans for publishing the results of your Podcast survey? Would be interested to hear what you find…

      • jaybaer

        @eswayne I hadn’t considered that, but it’s a swell idea. Thanks!

        • HowellMarketing

          Very sad to hear about passing of your brother Jay. Prayers to your family @jaybaer

  • wasimalrayes

    If you do, make them short and to the point :)

  • 3rhinomedia

    What a fantastic idea Jay! I’m happy to take the survey.

  • JoshF

    Their is definitely a void when it comes to Consumer Behavior in the podcast arena, yet it’s one of the most important aspects of our trade. I know it may not be your specialty, but I’d love to hear you pull in some current research on the subject.

  • loshopgirl

    I really think it’s about personality. Hearing enthusiasm in ones voice is key to keep people interested. Love the podcast idea:)

  • Kristinesimpson

    Jay, starting a podcast is a great idea. Podcasting is an under utilized tool by communications professionals. It is so easy to start and keep one going. My only suggestion, as I am also in the process of starting my own podcast, get a co-host. It will help keep yourself accountable and never miss an episode.

    I will definitely tune in to your podcast when it is up and running!

    Good luck!

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