Is SEO Still Relevant?

Is SEO Still Relevant

The number 5 most searched for job skill on LinkedIn in 2014 was SEO and paid search. SEO may have changed a lot, but it’s as important as ever, and as content creation increases, it will be even more critical.

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How Google is Forcing Your Content to Get Better

In this edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about the impact of Google’s big changes on content strategy and content marketing execution. As you no doubt are aware, Google announced that they have significantly changed the algorithm that determines search results. Code-named “Hummingbird” this new system de-emphasizes specific keywords in the search/search results […]

The Critical Interplay Between Social and Search

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of SEOmoz, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss content calendar and community management at SEOmoz, the rumors of Google’s Author Rank, and the future of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature. Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments, or listen to the full podcast. Please Support Our Sponsors Huge […]

Tips and Cautionary Tales for Real-time Newsjacking

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott, marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 8 books including Newsjacking, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the new face of the news cycle, share stories of good and bad newsjacking, and teach you how to employ his techniques to get your brand noticed. Read on for some of […]

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The No Hype Guide To Video Marketing on YouTube

Let’s get one thing straight, if you want to use video as a way to market your business, you’re going to have to learn about production. This whole idea behind “all you need is a webcam” is pretty much garbage. Don’t believe me, when was the last time you watched someone’s webcam video for extended […]

Community Building Through Innovative Conferences


Jason Keath of Social Fresh joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to tell us about the blooming success of Social Fresh and how to run a more efficient, interesting conference. Read on for some of the highlights or listen below for the full podcast. Listen Now Click the play button to listen here: [podcast][/podcast] […]