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The 2 Most Important Words in Marketing are What If

In this edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about the recent spate of real-time social media incidents, including the Poland Springs Water zeitgeist moment and the hack of Burger King’s twitter account. Crisis = Danger + Opportunity It’s widely believed (although perhaps inaccurately) that the Chinese symbol for “crisis” […]

How to Mitigate Social Media Disasters

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This week on the Social Pros Podcast, Jay Baer and Eric Boggs take over when the scheduled guest has to cancel last minute so she can address a social media crisis in her own company. They discuss crisis management and mitigating disasters in social media with several fascinating case studies. Read on for some of the […]

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Corporate Twitter Account Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Tweets

twit happens

Twit happens. As more and more companies ramp up their Twitter presence, the likelihood that something off-message will slip by the digital goalie goes up considerably. The question is not whether your company will have to deal with self-destructive corporate Tweets, but what kind of tweet it will be, and by whom. There are 3 […]

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Who’s Watching Now?

The Chick-fil-A Chicken Wave

Social media doesn’t close at 5pm. Or take weekends off. Or go on vacation. I’ve been watching today’s very successful Labor Day-only Chick-Fil-A promotion. If you wear any sort of sports team shirt or hat to a Chick-Fil-A today, you get a free sandwich, driving awareness of the company’s Chicken Wave fan group and contest. […]

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A Social Media Gun to the Head

social media ransom note

I’ll admit it. I fish on Twitter. Sometimes, I’ll talk about a brand just to see if they’re listening. Too often, they’re not. Or, maybe they’re listening, but not responding. Some companies seem to have a policy of responding to positive comments, but not responding to negative comments. I think this falls into the “we […]

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4 Brand-Saving Recommendations for Social Media Crisis Management

social media crisis management

Is today your Domino’s? Social media can both create and solve crises, and the incredibly fluid nature of social conversations requires brands to be on a constant state of readiness. In April, two Domino’s employees created a foolish and disgusting video, and posted it to YouTube, setting off a firestorm of coverage on Twitter. It […]