Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype

Can I please get your help making my new book a smash hit when it releases next month? Please watch this…

Through speaking engagements and such, I’ve sold a lot of copies of Youtility, and we’re headed toward the best-seller lists. But I could use a hand from you to make sure it does even better.

We’ve produced thousands of hours of free content here, and I don’t ask for much. But I REALLY need you this week, please. Until Friday, you can take advantage of a collection of exclusive book-related bonuses, not available anywhere else. Plus, free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Special Pre-Order Offer Until May 24

If you pre-order Youtility this week at the special store I built you can get cool stuff like:

  • The music video for Youtility (which could star YOU) – created by the amazing Chuck Kent
  • The full, 60-minute video of the Youtility live presentation
  • A video annotated Executive Summary of the book
  • An ebook with the 21 Best Quotes From Youtility

And, if you buy a handful of copies or more, you’ll also get:

  • A special live Q&A with me about the book
  • A detailed ebook about the “Making Of” Youtility (how I wrote and marketed the book)

For very special, truly awesome people (like you?) who buy 9 or more copies on pre-order, you’ll receive:

  • An interactive, online workbook and discussion guide – perfect for teams working on Youtility
  • I’ll personally leave a voice mail for everyone to whom you give a copy of the book!

This is a very important week (and book) for me. It’s the best work I’ve ever done, and I know you’re going to love Youtility. Can I count on you to grab a few today?

For extra cuteness and emotional appeal, up top is a photo of my dog, Mr. Cheeto, with the very first copy of the book. You don’t want to disappoint Mr. Cheeto, do you?

Many, many, many thanks for your support.

~ Jay

p.s. – The way I have the store and book fulfillment set up, I can only ship to US addresses. If you’re located elsewhere, just drop me an email at [email protected] and we’ll figure it out together. 

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