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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 and How to Adopt Them

Authors: Ann Smarty Ann Smarty
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While the way that businesses have used marketing campaigns over the years has changed, the reasons have not. Every business wants to reach its ideal customer just when that customer needs it.

With the constant flux of new technologies, the way that companies need to reach these customers has to evolve to make up the difference.

Here are  digital marketing trends to consider for your 2023 digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch in computer science that is all about teaching the machine to think and act like a human being.

Machine learning is usually what runs behind AI algorithms. While AI is all about teaching the machine to replace human beings, machine learning is about teaching the machine what a human brain cannot grasp, e.g. complex data mining and future predictions based on current patterns.

In many cases, machine learning and AI are two terms that are used interchangeably.

To make it easier to fathom, here are a few examples of AI-driven technology we witness in our everyday lives:

  • Gmail Smart Compose and Smart Reply features allow the user to compose an entire email with AI based on past emails and typing habits.
  • Facebook Messenger sends auto-responses to your Facebook followers on your brand’s behalf.

In 2022, AI marketing implementation discussions have become incredibly hot with free technology exploding. ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022, has given an SEO community so much reason to experiment with various commands and tasks that it made hundreds of headlines. The tool can write content, optimize it, create code, help with content ideas, perform SEO and usability analysis and so much more


AI Chat Prompt example by Ann Smarty

Digital Marketing Trend #2: Short-Form Video Marketing

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is what many people think of first. And yet, even YouTube is following the trend of short-form vertical video formats. Influenced by the demand for short-form video, YouTube introduced “Shorts.” 

Instagram and Facebook gave in as well with the introduction of “Reels.” 

As all major video platforms are recognizing the demand for short videos one can just flip through, marketers cannot keep ignoring the trend.

Short-form videos are what people consume these days, so you need to start creating them.

Luckily, Videoleap, an app by Lightricks that is available for iOS and Android, can help you with that by allowing you to access tools and templates that help you create professional short-form videos at scale:

videoleap short-form video example

If your videos are short, concise and entertaining, people will be more likely to share them.

Know your target audience, find where they are and get to work. For more details and tips on various influencer marketing tactics, check out these resources:

Monitoring your competitors’ social media pages is a great way to get a better idea of which types of videos work best in your niche and how to outperform them by improving your own short-from video strategy. 

Digital Marketing Trend #3: Advanced Customer Support

With so many businesses embracing real-time and social media customer support, customers’ expectations as to how well (and how fast) their requests should be handled are growing fast.

Consumers expect fast websites, smooth user experience and real-time customer support.

Luckily, new technology emerges to help businesses meet those expectations. This includes smart chatbots, IVR and IA-powered social listening.

Sentione is a good example of a smart customer support tool that implements machine learning and natural language mechanisms to extract online context around your brand. Next, Sentione’s AI-powered self-learning agent suggests further action based on collected data and previous communications with clients.


sentione AI customer support example

Digital Marketing Trend #4: Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing means providing individualized user experience targeting each separate user of your site or subscriber to your email list. Personalized marketing is especially trending in ecommerce where it has influenced customers’ behavior and buying decisions.

According to Evergage, nearly 96% of consumers agree that personalized marketing fosters relationship building with the brand. Forrester has found that almost 80% of consumers have recommended or paid more for a product thanks to a personalized service or experience.


Personalized Shopping Statistic

Despite what you may have heard, increasing security and privacy concerns are not going to kill personalized marketing. Today’s consumer expects to receive personalized experience and is ready to give away their personal data in return.

BigCommerce has found that younger generations of consumers don’t mind sharing their personal data in return for perks and personalized experience.

Gen X purchase products statistic

Sites like Netflix, Amazon and Pinterest, not to mention Google and Facebook, all use personalized marketing campaigns. They mine your search history, what you liked and didn’t like, and provide recommendations for similar products you didn’t even intend to buy.

Personalization is not just for corporations though. Small businesses can take full advantage of personalized marketing by using email automation which can help them create smart user flows and reach customers at the right moment based on their previous interactions with the site:email marketing personalization

Here are also a few great ideas of using personalization in email marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Trend #5: Visual Search

With the increased availability of smartphones and on-the-go access to the Internet, searching capabilities are evolving.

While voice search eliminates the need for typing your keywords in a search box, visual search transforms the concept of the keyword itself. You don’t need words: you can search by showing a photo.

Apps like Google Lens make it possible to use your camera as a search tool. Landmarks, clothes, art, books and business cards all can be searched through a single image. Product prices, reviews and retailers can be found through a photo of a book or a photo of clothing.

Google Lens


The best ways to make the most of visual search are:

Google Image Search


In 2023, the ways consumers search for information and shop have evolved to include AI-powered personalization, advanced segmentation and new content types, slowly incorporating more of these new technologies.

These new technological advances have amazing potential within the marketing sector if you know how to use them to your advantage. With so many other businesses you are competing against across your industry, the faster you learn how to utilize new techniques (including voice and visual search, as well as personalization and influencer marketing), the more competitive your business will become.

For video and personalized marketing, revisiting your current strategy and altering it to fit the needs of your audience is essential. Whatever technique you decide to use moving forward, keep yourself informed of new advances to keep your business ahead of the game.

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