How Disruptive Learning Keeps Content Relevant

Mark Masters, Managing Director of the ID Group, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how to keep content relevant through confident momentum, disruptive learning, and asking why.

In This Episode:

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mark-masters-instagramBuilding and Maintaining Momentum

Anybody can start a blog or podcast these days. They can share content regularly, broadcast it to their friends and colleagues, and putter along at a so-so pace indefinitely. But how does a content marketer stand apart from these hobby-bloggers? Furthermore, how do they gain momentum and keep it going over time in a diluted market?

In Mark’s extensive experience, it’s deceptively simple. It starts with finding the value in your content by asking why. Why are you creating this content? What is it you’re trying to do? Once you understand what the value is that you are bringing to the table, you create content that fulfills one of three conditions: it entertains, it challenges, or it comes from genuine experience.

This simple framework will guide you into creating content that grabs the eyes and ears of your audience, maintains relevancy, and builds a following over time.

In This Episode

  • Why developing actionable content means taking a step back and asking “why” first
  • How cutting down on content leads to valuable, relevant, and consistent messaging
  • Why being trusted means having a responsibility to create content that entertains, challenges, or teaches
  • How being ok with being bad at something leads to confident momentum
  • Why a noticeably absent email means your audience is ready to come on board


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s tough because we are still driven via the tactic rather than being guided by the direction.” —@markiemasters

“The pain point was that the focus was so much on the tactic rather than having a framework around creating the direction for people to participate.” —@markiemasters

“It’s understanding the objective and the reason why we’re doing it, the big picture that represents the strategy, and then these tiny little pictures that make up the big picture with the tactics. ” —@markiemasters

We’ve always been led astray by what’s in front of us, and just because we have a good idea doesn’t make it a good idea. ” —@markiemasters

“We need to have this idea of consistency and longevity that all links back to an idea that we can build our businesses that help us to build fruition over time. ” —@markiemasters

“I now focus on the areas that help me with a return for the business in terms of things that brings people to get together and create this sense of community. ” —@markiemasters

“People are prepared to trust businesses more so than the government and the media. ” —@markiemasters

“We have eight seconds to capture someone’s attention. ” —@markiemasters

“We have to find a way that we can keep the momentum going. ” —@markiemasters

“It all comes down to finding your voice and finding this confidence to be persistent with something. ” —@markiemasters

“Behavior is about the things we do that inspire us and how we can build businesses. ” —@markiemasters

We choose to select what is relevant to us and with what we have some form of association. ” —@markiemasters

“We get better at what we do by becoming better well-rounded individuals. ” —@markiemasters



Content Pros Lightning Round

Favorite football team? AMC Bormuth

UK-based marketer you admire? Ian Rhodes, and authors of Valuable Content Marketing Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

Favorite North American marketer? Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation

Song you’re most likely to sing in the shower? Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons

Current Netflix binge? The Get-Down

Most entertaining form of content right now? Audio because you can hear the smiles and listen to the engagement.

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