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How Engagio Is Winning With Email

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Welcome to The Content Experience Show where content experience is the new content marketing. It’s not only about reaching our audiences where they are, but engaging them with a personalized experience of meaningful, useful content that they’ll take with them over time. The guests on the Content Experience Show share strategies, tips, and real-world examples of how they’re taking their content marketing to the next level and providing their current and prospective customers with a true content experience. This isn’t just a trend. It’s a movement.

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It doesn't get any better for content marketers. They present a balanced, insightful discussion of current trends and ask all the right questions. Their guest list is a "Who's Who" of content professionals. Outstanding.

Jared Johnson Piano

I love listening to marketing podcasts and this one is on my must-listen to list. Very knowledgable hosts and topical discussions.

The Marketing Book Podcast

Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how they have found a winning strategy by embracing the classic content vehicle of email.

It’s Alive!

Content marketers have a wide variety of content delivery vehicles to choose from these days. With so many options, it’s easy to see why many are leaning towards retiring that old horse known as email.
But is email ready to be put out to pasture?
Brandon makes the case that email is very much alive and well. In many instances, email can be the “it” factor that helps you close a major deal.
But it takes more than transposing a blog post into an email for it to be a successful and revenue-generating campaign. Just like any other campaign, email requires a well thought out foundation of tiered personas that dictate how, when, and what content is delivered to their inboxes.
A properly incorporated email content distribution plan will set your business apart from the rest. By appreciating the power of email and embracing its still-vital place in marketing, you can guarantee a win for both sales and marketing.

In This Episode

  • Why a successful email campaign means keeping sales and marketing on the same page
  • How over-automation leads to a disconnect between brands and their customers
  • Why respecting tiered personas means cutting out the HTML messages beyond a certain level
  • How fewer links to content in emails leads to more engagement

Quotes From This Episode

“First and foremost, sales and marketing have to be aligned on the same page, sending the same messages, communicating in the same ways.” —@brandon_lee_09
In complex B2B sales, sales and marketing are working together the entire way. Click To Tweet
There’s a time and a place for automation. But when you rely too heavily on automation, you are removing the human element of sales, and that’s what actually gets the deal done.” —@brandon_lee_09
“We don’t send any HTML emails to key personas because we want to spend the time crafting a message that is very personal and very relevant. That’s what wins: personal, relevant and timely. ” —@brandon_lee_09
There's a big difference between personalization and customization that a lot of people miss. Click To Tweet
“We want to do as much we can to raise the awareness in the space, and that means giving away a lot of our best content.” —@brandon_lee_09
Email marketing is not dead, it's just changed. Click To Tweet
“As long as you’re sending that personal, relevant content, using the right channel, that’s the winning strategy.” —@brandon_lee_09


Content Pros Lightning Round

What is your channel for sharing with the world? Where do you let loose? I do tend to, at least these days, share a lot of my thoughts on LinkedIn. Not as a published article, but as an update post.
If you were to compare yourself to a character on Silicon Valley, who is the most kindred spirit for you? I want to say Richard because I used to be that awkward guy in school that didn’t know a girl even liked him until it was too late and I was always on the smarter side of things. I wouldn’t call myself a genius in any way, but I do feel a bond with Richard.

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