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How to Better Target Your Influencers With Better Practices

Authors: Jess Carrie Morgan
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

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Carrie Morgan, Digital PR Consultant at Rock The Status Quo, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to talk about brand clarity, focused goals, and implementing due diligence.

Carrie Morgan_InstagramTo Thine Own Self Be True

Knowing who you truly are is one of the greatest challenges of life.
It’s also the key to successful influence marketing. No biggie…!
Carrie Morgan has over 20 years of experience in the PR world, and her views—on taking the time to know your niche, learning to speak to your specific market, and the advantage of recognizing that the best way to serve yourself is to serve your influencers—are invaluable.
Her company, Rock The Status Quo, is a digital public relations and consulting firm dedicated to creating tactics to make their clients more visible and vibrant online. Carrie Morgan is also a speaker and author. Her book “Above the Noise” is an easy-to-read hit that deals with transparency and trust, and divulges the wealth of useful knowledge she has gathered over the years.

In This Episode

  • Why it’s better to have narrow targets
  • How to best approach new influencers
  • How to identify the right influencer for you
  • Why it’s important to have brand clarity  
  • What it means to follow due diligence 


Quotes From This Episode

“I think of influencers as those people taking a stand and creating change for the better.” —@morgancarrie
“If you don’t have a solid understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish and who your audience is and why you’re doing this, then all of that content and all of that social media can’t be successful. So, it all starts back with brand clarity.” —@morgancarrie
“It kicks back to influencers too, because if you don’t define your audience well and really have a great understanding for who would find what you’re trying to do most compelling and interesting and who’s most appropriate for products and services, then you’re probably not targeting the right influencers either, so you’re sabotaging yourself from the very start.” —@morgancarrie
“If you want the content to work for you, you just have to look at it as it’s all one message and these are just different ways that we’re putting that message out there.” —@redfoxstrategy

“If you’re just up on your soapbox and spouting off and there’s no engagement and there’s no change happening, there you’re contributing to the noise online instead of actually rising above it and changing conversations in a meaningful way.” —@morgancarrie

“We’re going from fumbling through this new experience and talking about what best practices are to actually implementing them and being brave enough to test new things and willing to fail, because that’s how we improve.” —@morgancarrie
“I think the number one factor that really contributes to whether your influencer campaign is successful or not boils down to something pretty simple: Are you thinking about them instead of yourself?” —@morgancarrie



Would You Rather:

Would you rather eat fast food on all of your dates with someone that you really like, or eat at a few five-star restaurants with someone that you don’t really care for?
Oh, I would definitely rather go to fast food and spend time with someone I like.
Would you rather date someone famous and have your life scrutinized by the tabloids, or date a regular Joe and have your life judged negatively by everyone close to you and your partner?
I don’t think I would care what other people thought. If I was dating someone that I really cared about, then big deal, say whatever you want.
Would you rather kiss your partner in a lighting storm on the top of a hill or during a sandstorm where there’s no shelter in sight?
A sandstorm could be romantic assuming we’ve got something big enough to pull over our heads and block out the sand. I can’t say that I’ve kissed anyone in a sandstorm, though, because I’d like to think I’m smart enough to come inside.

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