How to Create Revenue-Generating B2B Content

Dave Rigotti, Head of Marketing at Bizible, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how B2B’s can successfully measure and obtain positive ROI on their content through multi-touch attribution.

In This Episode:

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Dave Rigotti - InstagramContent Attribution and Positive ROI

Proving ROI for content marketing is difficult for even the most seasoned of marketers. The numbers bear this out as 79% of content marketers confess to being unsuccessful at proving ROI. Unfortunately, unless you can connect your efforts to dollars earned or saved, you have no proof of your marketing plan’s effectiveness. Compounding the issue is the vast amount of content that lives on a wide range of platforms.

It seems impossible to know how somebody gets from Point A to Point B when they have 50 paths to choose from.

So, how do you measure the unmeasurable?

You start with Dave. He is one of the 21% that have figured out how to measure and then apply learnings from content ROI. At Bizible, they are all about making every marketing dollar profitable and their success can be seen in the four full-time content writers that are funded through their content marketing efforts.

His ahead-of-the-curve approach to content ROI will help you measure your marketing plan’s effectiveness and grow your B2B brand organically through content.

In This Episode

  • Why making every marketing dollar count means measuring content
  • How educational content leads customers down the funnel
  • Why proving ROI means content attribution
  • How mapping your content leads to a profitable content team
  • Why compounding returns on your marketing means owning your community


Quotes From This Episode

“Attribution is all about the measurement and reporting of the effectiveness of your marketing.” —@drigotti

“We create a lot of educational content with the purpose of ranking organically in Google.” —@drigotti

“You can blend the targeting in your channels and account-based marketing with what content is resonating, and at what stages of the funnel.” —@drigotti

“The intention of all of our content isn’t to get somebody to buy our product. Its intention is to just create that initial awareness and interest for that category.” —@drigotti

“More leads doesn’t always equal more revenue.” —@drigotti

“We see tons and tons of value in owning the community.” —@drigotti

“Our content team does not have production goals. We have revenue goals for the team as a whole because we’re really about chasing pipeline, not page views.” —@drigotti



What did you want to be when you grew up?

An entrepreneur from the very beginning, Dave spent his childhood mowing his neighbor’s lawns in small-town Ohio and dreaming of one day running his own landscaping business. He didn’t end up becoming that small business owner, but that’s alright because he loves the turn his career took to working in technology.

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