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How to Maximize Your ROI as an Influencer

Authors: Heidi Sullivan Billy Parisi
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

Influence Pros is the weekly show where professionals learn about case studies and success stories in the fast-growing world of influencer and advocate marketing. Hosted by Heidi Sullivan of Cision and Julianna Vorhaus of TapInfluence, the show chronicles how B2C and B2B companies are working with online influencers and customer advocates to grow reach, engagement, and conversions. View all shows—including free downloadable resources—at

Billy Parisi, Influencer and Content Creator, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to discuss platform integration, direct relationships with brands, and the importance of giving your posts time.

billy-parisi_instagramTOUCHDOWN for the Influencers!

Let’s be honest, influencers are kicking major butt in the marketing world. And luckily for us, an influencer from the A-team is willing to share his play-by-play for great strategy.
Billy’s full title is as well-seasoned as one of his enjoyable recipes. He’s a self-proclaimed Food and Content Creator, sometimes TV Host, Picture Taker, Daddy, Husband, College Sports Enthusiast, Fashionisto, Film and Music Lover, and Co-Founder. Whew!
Billy believes in the power of extra production value and creating delectable ROI for himself and his brands. With a little creativity and a lot of love, content can grow and shine for long-term return.
Billy Parisi is a content creator and influencer for outside brands as well as his own. He has his own blog, a one-stop-shop for everything food- and cooking-related and more. It’s the perfect place to find everything you need if you’re excited about football season, savory foods, and tailgating.

In This Episode

  • Why influencer marketing is powerful for long-term ROI
  • How to build your following and find your niche market
  • Why video and higher production value is becoming more important
  • How to turn your passions into a successful career
  • Why it pays to be patient and constantly experiment with posting strategies


Quotes From This Episode

“You may not get 1,000 pins in one day, but you might get 1,000 pins after a week.” —@ChefBillyParisi
“Feel free to reach out to influencers directly because for me, personally, I would absolutely love to work with a brand direct.” —@ChefBillyParisi
“Things have definitely changed, but I don’t even think it’s scratched the surface yet.” —@ChefBillyParisi

“It’s really still extremely expensive to get great engaging content, and often, through advertising agencies, it can be just pricey. There’s overhead. But when you hire a blogger to create content such as myself, whether it be an influencer or as a content creator for their properties, we know what’s trending. We know what’s going on. We’re in the nitty-gritty every single day. We can create incredibly highly engaging, highly entertaining content at a fraction of the cost.” —@ChefBillyParisi

“Algorithms are going to change. They’re going to make it harder and harder for things, organically, to get out there.” —@ChefBillyParisi
“I do think as people are cord-cutting more—getting rid of television and local cable providers—I think strong, well-produced content will be more powerful than ever online.” —@ChefBillyParisi
“80% will buy something based on a recommendation from a social media friend or influencer.” —@ChefBillyParisi
“There are tons of bad videos on YouTube, but there’s a ton of great content as well. I do think that people will need to invest in some of their production capabilities and overall technology just to make sure that they’re pushing forward their best stuff.” —@ChefBillyParisi



Would You Rather

Would you rather forget who you were or who everyone else was?
Oh, my gosh. I’d probably say I’d rather forget who I am. I’d rather put away my past.
Would you rather always have to take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested?
Oh, sleep an hour less, no doubt. A cold shower is the epitome of misery.
Would you rather go without TV or junk food for the rest of your life?
You know what? Yeah, I’d get rid of the food. Gosh, just don’t take away my college football.

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